Tuesday, 6 September 2016

House Wash Soap Mix

A big question i always get asked at Wash Rite house wash is whats in the soap we use and or how do we make it? Well its simple.
We get a 20lt drum and fill it up with the following.
6 to 7lt of SH
and 13lt of water
as well as 250 to 350ml of surfantant , This will make the soap mix foam up and will help it stick to the house when applying the soap mix.

The soap mix is the same on 90% of all the house washes that we do, from time to time we have to ad some other chemicals but thats not that often. These extra chemicals and why we ad them are a trade secret at Wash Rite house wash so we wont disclose them just yet.

Below is cut from our own standard operating procedure at Wash Rite house wash.

                                               House wash Mix Recipe

Get a clean empty 20lt chemical drum that has a venting screw cap and fill with the following.
4lt of Sodium Hypochlorite
16lt fresh water
150 to 200ml of surfactant

The above recipe is for a house that has an average amount soiling from dirt, moss, mould. If the house is excessively dirty use the below recipe.

Excessively dirty mix.
6lt of Sodium Hypochlorite
14 lt fresh water
250ml of surfactant
Let this soap mix dwell on the house for up to 15 minutes before rinsing and always keep it wet by keep on lightly spraying during the 15 minute dwell time.

If you find a house that has a red or rust color stain on the bottom third of the house this is a mould that is hard to remove but not impossible, Use the excessively dirty mix above but if that does not work rinse and try a 50% SH and water mix and this will remove it.

Red Mould as described above11219716_673097679457377_8842398277651782749_n.jpg

Troy Hillard
Wash Rite House Wash


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