Wednesday, 14 October 2020


Most people can handle their to-do list inside the home, but how many of you have the time, supplies, ability, or desire to wash your house, deck, and driveway? Too often these outdoor chores fall to the wayside, but don’t let ‘em! No more excuses: Wash Rite is here to offer our top 3 reasons you should have a professional house wash this summer.

Curb Appeal

Want the freshest looking house on the block? Rain isn’t going to take care of those black streaks on your roof and walls. Everything from your driveway and sidewalks to your patio and deck, roof, and house siding can be expertly restored by our team of trained professionals. Need to boost curb appeal because you’re selling your house? The condition of your home’s siding, deck, patio, and driveway are all under a microscope during an open house and during inspections. A dingy, dirty, cracked, moldy home does NOT sell. As with window cleaning, regular house washing keeps your home’s wood, concrete and brick surfaces not only looking good but in great working condition. Allowing years of dirt, grease, and grime to cake onto and penetrate these surfaces will surely lead to irreversible damage that prospective home buyers WILL notice. Potential home-buyers want to envision themselves enjoying the new home, they do NOT want to envision themselves moving in and inheriting a mess of expensive fix-ups.


The black and green streaks you see on your roof and siding are not simply pollution or dirt… they’re mold, mildew, and algae! Not only can an untreated mold problem damage your property, but it’s harmful to your family, pets, and landscaping. Mold and algae spreads rapidly & feeds off moisture and organic matter wherever it can find it: these pests will creep down your siding, into your gutters, fascia board, foundation, and roof. If you haven’t taken the time to inspect your roof, go outside now! Notice black build-up on your shingles or tiles? Don’t worry, it’s not too late to prevent permanent damage. This is treatable! If left untreated, however, the problem will only persist and add to the list of reasons you may need to replace your roof. Putting off your house and roof washing chores can cost you big time, so don’t do it!

DIY House Washing is a Nightmare

Many DIY enthusiasts will strip and dent their homes and decks this year with rental equipment in an attempt to go it alone and save money. The most common mistake do-it-yourself pressure washers will run into is applying too much pressure – this can tear up your roof tiles, damage your weatherboard siding or carve out your wood deck. It is easy to underestimate the power of a jet of water, and in addition to damaging your home, you could hurt yourself. On the flip side, too little pressure just makes everything wet, doing little to remove stains. Don’t waste your day guessing on a big job like this. Wash Rite's house washing technicians are fully trained and equipped with the appropriate machines required for every job and every stain. Hiring a professional for your house washing service ensures a safe, thorough clean every time. If it’s the roof you’re cleaning, never step foot on it without a partner, proper safety equipment & the skills needed to get the job done quickly and effectively. In addition, with house washing, you need to mind electrical hazards. For more on the dangers of DIY pressure washing, check out our website at

Saturday, 28 March 2020


Over the past 5 years, Wash Rite has grown to become New Zealand's largest house washing company, Wash Rite has grown to a company that turns over $5 million per year. We have only been able to grow to this size by having great community support which has turned into great customer loyalty.

When the Covid-19 virus started to affect the New Zealand population a state of concern swept over its people. This caused great concern to the elderly and the parents of the young kids within our community.
The Wash Rite franchise network noticed this and wanted to try and give back to the same community that has the support and allowed our business to grow over the past 5 years and come up with the idea that we can wash and sanitize playgrounds at pre-schools and schools within our area free of charge, as we have a large stockpile of the necessary chemicals and equipment to sanitize large public area's very quickly.
Wash Rite started to promote the free sanitizing service and it did not take long until we were flooded with childcare centers wanting to take us up on the free offer and within 24hrs we have 40 trucks deployed nationwide providing this service free of charge. The community really got behind Wash Rite and within a few short days, we have thousands and thousands of people making contact with us thanking us for what we were doing. The show of appreciation that was shown to us over this time really was heartwarming and meant a lot to the Wash Rite franchise owners.

I have had other house washing business owners make contact asking "why would you give your products and services away for free?" My answer to this is very simple. I am a firm believer in business you can not just keep on asking for stuff "Money" from the community, you have to give value above and beyond what you take in the form of money. So I operate my business with a Give, Give, Give, Take mentality and I find this works extremely well.

To give you an idea why it works in business, The unintended result of our give away was that we ended up being asked to come on 5 different radio stations, 4 newspapers did stories on us and we were on the highest-rated prime time news program. This is the type of advertising you cant buy and if you could buy it it would cost a lot more than the chemicals used doing the services.

In the wrap up giving back to your local community is a smart way to get goodwill and equity with your clients. This means your business brand is worth more and means when it comes down to clients picking your quote over another contractor's quote you have more room to charge more and still be the chosen contractor as you have more preserved value to the client. So get out there and start giving back it will come back to many time what you give back.

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

5 Ways Parking Lot Maintenance Benefits Your Business

5 Ways Parking Lot Maintenance Benefits Your Business

If you own a business that has its own parking lot, you may not have thought much about the need to keep the parking lot in tip-top condition. However, even though
your parking lot may not seem significant in the big scheme of things, your customers will see
the parking lot before they see your business, and they will form impressions.
You should take the time and effort to maintain your parking spaces. Below are five benefits your
 business will gain if you perform regular parking lot cleaning and maintenance.

1. Promote Your Business as Customer-Oriented

One of the benefits of keeping parking spaces well-maintained is the promotion of your business
as customer-oriented. In fact, customers view the parking lot as the place where the welcome
mat is rolled out to the public.
Due to the importance placed on personal vehicles by New Zealand customers, a parking lot
says a lot about your business' commitment to individuals. A clean, well-lit, smooth, and brightly
marked parking lot lets your customers know that you care about providing safe accommodations
for visitors. By extension, you will be viewed as a trustworthy and helpful person in all your
business dealings.

2. Establish Your Business as Competent

A well-maintained parking lot establishes your business as competent. No one wants to work
with an incompetent company or be served by someone who can’t take care of their own
A parking lot that isn't overgrown with weeds or full of rubbish demonstrates that your business
can handle its affairs well. However, if potholes fill the lot and line stripes are faded beyond
recognition, then your business will look as if you don't have the resources or ability to manage
your own affairs as well as the affairs of others.

3. Prevent Liability Claims

A reason why your parking lot should be kept maintained is to prevent possible liability concerns.
A slip, trip, or fall in your business parking lot could lead to an expensive lawsuit for you to
defend against or settle.
On the other hand, however, a well-maintained parking lot that can be easily navigated by
drivers won’t involve you in a lawsuit. Parking lots that are dark and dirty are accidents waiting
to happen, and it’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt.

4. Lengthens the Lifespan of Parking Surfaces

When you maintain your parking lot, you will lengthen the lifespan of the underlying material.
A parking lot may look hard and untouchable, but asphalt can be quickly turned into a thick river
of goop if the outdoor temperatures rise significantly.
However, a maintained parking lot can resist some of the potential damage and needs
renovating much less often than neglected parking surfaces. Maintenance involves preparing
the surface to keep moisture out of the asphalt grains and crevices. In addition, sealing can help
immensely by focusing on problem areas and creating a dry space.

5. Keeps Criminals Away

Many criminals enjoy finding a dark, colorful place to ply their trades, so don't allow your parking
lot to become one. Most criminals are seeking an easy, fast getaway, and an empty parking lot is
a good target. Customers are aren’t likely to visit if they are concerned about their lives and
personal property.
As a result, keep your parking lots well-lit and patrolled by police or security. Don't allow small
problems to grow into bigger ones, but instead fix problems while they are still budding issues.
For example, be sure to replace each bad light bulb as it appears instead of holding off to grab
a few more.
If you have questions about your parking lot or need to clean it, be sure to contact
Wash Rite New Zealand for help. Our team of professionals is ready and willing to assist you.

Monday, 29 April 2019

Selling Your Home? Think About Some Low Pressure House Washing

Selling Your Home? Think About Some Low Pressure Washing

Are you selling your home? If so, take some time to get the exterior looking its best. You may be able to sell your home with ease, but you also want to get the best possible price. Apart from painting the property and staging it with modern, clean furnishings and decor, consider cleaning it thoroughly with a power washer.
A low pressure house wash gets off years of caked-on dirt and grime, and you may be able to use it in more areas than you’d think. Read on to learn about the benefits of using a house wash company and how you can use one to prepare your home for buyers.

Consider the Advantages of a House Wash
Curb appeal is extremely important when selling a home. Many home buyers are primarily interested in the look of the home. Not only do they want a home that is clean and attractive, but they may also see a lack of cleaning as a lack of maintenance. A home that is dirty looks poorly maintained and may lead potential buyers to think the property has additional problems. 

Wash the Front of the House
For the front of the house, you may want to start with washing the roof. Over time, roofs often build up unsightly algae. You may not have even noticed this happen. If you compare your roof now with pictures from when it was first installed, though, the picture may look quite different. The roof is one of the things that matters most to buyers, as this component is very difficult and expensive to replace.
The siding of your home will also likely need to be washed. Though siding is low maintenance, low pressure washing it from time to time will often have the same impact as painting a home. 
Apart from the roof and siding, consider the front walkways and the driveway. Your buyers are going to see these areas first. Washing will remove oil stains and dirt stains in addition to taking out plant matter.

Wash the Back of the House
After buyers look at the front of the house, they will often move to the back and look at the yard and around the house itself. Use a low pressure washer to rinse off your deck and restore the wood to its previous splendor. Similarly, you may want to rinse off your fences, walkways, and any accent pieces as well.
If you have a pool or a water feature, it will often get stained over time or will build up minerals. To wash this area, first drain it and then rinse it out. This step can also reveal any issues or weak spots at the bottom of the pool or water feature.

Get a Professional House Wash
After all this, you may be tempted to purchase a pressure washer on your own or rent one so that you can clean your home yourself. However, there are many advantages to hiring a professional. A professional exterior cleaner knows exactly how to complete the washing without damaging things, such as the deck or the fence. Certain areas could be permanently damaged if you neglect to set the pressure correctly.
Further, pressure washers can be dangerous if you use them incorrectly. A pressure washer puts out a lot of pressure, which can hurt you if you lose control of it.
Expensive pressure washers also work much better than conventional, at-home power washers. That means a professional with a commercial-grade washing unit will complete the job much faster than you could. 
Are you ready to get started on your house wash? Contact our professionals at Wash Rite NZ, to find out more about power washing your home

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

How Often Should You Wash Your House?

How often should you wash your house?

Most people clean the interior of their homes daily.  If you have small children or pets like us, you probably clean your home several times throughout the day! We clean the interior of our home so often that we often think of hiring a maid service. Some of you may already do that. But why? It’s simple really. A clean house is safer, more comfortable to live in, and definitely more appealing to the senses! It just makes us feel more at home when we live in an organized and clean environment.

So why would we want to clean the exterior of our home? Doesn’t rain and wind wash away the things that make our house dirty? Not by a long shot.

The number one reason we keep the exterior of our home cleaned is for appearance. We are simply more proud of our home when it is clean and well-kept. Curb appeal is very important for most home owners. The visual appearance of your home also plays a large benefit in your home’s perceived value.
How often do we drive by a neighborhood and notice nearly half or more of the homes in that neighborhood are dirty and covered in algae? It’s not often that we see those homes and think, “Those are some nice homes.” Dirty homes drive the property value down!

Did you know that giving your home a good wash once a year is actually beneficial to you and your family’s health?

The eaves, soffits, cracks, crevices, and overhangs on your home are ideal hiding places for insects, spiders, and other nasty creepy-crawlers. These places are also perfect places for mold, mildew, and algae to grow. If your home is left untreated for too long, you could start seeing tiny eco-systems growing all over your home!

So what’s the benefit to your health?

Do you or any members of your family suffer from seasonal allergies? It’s not uncommon for most people to get the sniffles and sneezes during peak allergy season. But what about people who suffer from allergies all year around? Chances are, they are exposed to the very allergens that are making them sick all day long! All those mold and mildew spores that are hiding on your home’s exterior surfaces are migrating into your home, contaminating the air and creating an unhealthy environment for your family.

So how often should your house be washed?

We recommend washing your home once a year whether you can visually see mould, mildew, or algae growth or not. These micro organisms will avoid sunlight by growing in the cracks and crevices of your home’s exterior surfaces. When you finally see the growth on surfaces such as siding, soffits, or gutters, you’ve waited too long.  

What makes our cleaning process different?

It’s 2019. The days of using a high pressure, pressure washer to clean everything are over. We use a much gentler process. It’s call soft-washing. We apply a detergent based solution to your home’s exterior surface using dedicated soft-washing equipment. Our equipment is capable of washing up to four stories high from the ground at only 70 PSI to 150 PSI! That’s about the same as the pressure coming out of your garden hose. After about 10 minutes, our solution will completely eradicate any and all organic growth on your home’s exterior surfaces. We then rinse the solution off your home leaving it clean, bright, and visually appealing again!
If you’re interested in having your windows cleaned up to perfection after having your home washed, we can take care of that for you the same day. Click here for more information. Residential Window Cleaning

Commercial Building Washing

Commercial Building Washing

Commercial Power WashingA beautiful store front is essential if you want to give your customers an excellent first impression of your store. Wash Rite exterior cleaning staff will help ensure your business looks its best every day.

What Will A Exterior Wash Clean, And Why Is It Necessary?

1. Signage
Signs are important because they give consumers an idea of what to expect as a customer and a name to associate with that experience. Similarly, if your storefront signs are covered in filth, customers will be left with a lousy image to relate with your company.
2. Floors
The floor is, perhaps, a customer’s first clue to your sanitation practices, especially if you own a restaurant. Customers want to know that their food will be prepared under safe conditions; grime-filled grout and greasy floors will not convince them.
A dirty floor isn’t just unsanitary though — it’s dangerous. Customers could slip or fall, and might even file a lawsuit. Either way, its not the sort of reputation you’d want for your business.
3. Dumpster Pad Area
While this area might not be at the front of your store, it is likely nearby. Even if garbage is collected often, bacteria is sometimes left behind. Over time, dumpsters will develop an odor that will drive potential customers away.

Why Choose Wash Rite Exterior Cleaning?

Accept no imitations! Wash Rite is a fully insured franchise network with many many year's experience. With specially designed equipment, Wash Rite will provide your business with customized service at an affordable price.

House Washing: A Job For The Experts

House Washing: A Job For The Experts

Job For The Experts

Get Great Results With Professional Pressure Washing!You wouldn’t change your vehicle’s brakes unless you had extensive training and experience, would you? Would you cut your family’s hair if you had never picked up a pair of scissors in your life? Would you tell your child to take the wheel on a trip to the grocery store if they had never been in the driver’s seat before?
You get the picture: Some things are best left to the experts.
House washing is one such example. If conducted by a novice, you won’t just be left with a home that isn’t clean; you might be dealing with irreparable damage. DIY power cleaning equipment, in the hands of beginners, can prove to be more trouble than it’s worth. Without a knowledge of what pressure or soaps to apply, and how to apply it, siding, roofing, and other elements of the home can fall victim to damage. What’s more, it simply effective. A day’s worth of toil can result in a home that looks even worse than it did before the DIY attempt. And that is a valuable weekend afternoon wasted.

Trust Wash Rite With Your Home

When it comes to effective House Washing, New Zealand homeowners can put their trust in the experts. Wash Rite is the country's top choice, thanks to their exceptional results, professional results, and reliable service. Give your home a face lift today – All it takes is a quick phone call! 0800101216

Wash Rite Rotorua Say's Concrete Cleaning & Curb Appeal

Concrete Cleaning & Curb Appeal

If we were to ask you to describe your property in a sentence, you’d probably focus on your house. Maybe you’d mention a garage, or a pool or a deck. But you probably wouldn’t add your driveway or sidewalk into the elevator pitch. Low Pressure Home Cleaning Pressure Washing
This is the funny thing about our property’s hard-scapes. They’re a dominant part of your home – but we don’t always realize just how dominant they are.

A First Impression From The Ground Up

You see, concrete cleaning and hard-scape maintenance is the key to curb appeal. Allow us to explain:
  • It’s the first and last touch point with a property. If you or a visitor are arriving at your home, the driveway or sidewalk is the first place you’ll go. And when you’re leaving, it will be the last.
  • Concrete gets dirty – fast. Dirt, grease, oil, even chewing gum — concrete cleaning and power washing is an easy way to erase the eyesores that accumulate before you even realize it.
  • Your property will thrive with clean concrete. Our concrete cleaning solution is an easy way to invest in curb appeal. But it’s also a surefire way to protect your property as an investment.

Your Source For Curb Appeal

Wash Rite Rotorua uses a state-of-the-art pressure washing system to clean your concrete. This advanced equipment, when paired with the best cleaners, can transform your:
  • Sidewalk
  • Patio
  • Driveway
  • Entryway
With our team working our concrete magic, your property has never looked better. And it’s an effect that will last.

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Clean Rite Canterbury Has Launched

Clean Rite has launched a new franchise into the Christchurch market, This franchise is owner and operated by John Lambert and his wife. John has previously owned a large scale cleaning business and brings many years of experience with him.

Clean Rite Christchurch will offer a full range of commercial cleaning services to it clients, These services are.
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Commercial Office Cleaning
  • Retails Cleaning
  • Medical Cleaning
  • Education & Day Care Facility Cleaning

For a full list of Clean Rites Service please visit our website

Clean Rite will be bring to the Christchurch market the ability to deal with one cleaning provider for all your commercial cleaning needs regardless if its office cleaning, stripping and polishing floor or if it is cleaning the carpets in your building Clean Rite has the equipment and experience to provide the RITE outcome.

If you have any questions on how Clean Rite can help you with your cleaning needs please call john on 0273202120 or email and he will be more than happy to provide a free quote or free information to you at anytime.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

The Rite Group launches a new franchise network

Have you tried cleaning your carpets with endless products?  Have you hired equipment and chemicals that just didn’t give you the result you are looking for?

We have news for you….We are now in your area and can get all your carpet problems solved.

Would you like your carpet to have a longer life span?  

You never really consider how much we take our carpets and rugs for granted, how much life gets lived on them.

We walk on it, kids crawl and play on it, pets run, sleep and roll on it, we spill food and drinks on it, it has dust and mites settled in it, flea eggs, and not to mention yucky mould.

We don't think of this as we walk around barefoot everyday or as our children sit and play with their toys or watch their favorite show while enjoying their favorite snack dropping crumbs that get walked into the fibres and squished in.  Vacuuming can only do so much no matter how much you paid for that vacuum it will only suck out debris not actually clean the fibres and help puff them back up to when it was new, soft and thick.

We take our carpet for granted but no more, extend the life of your carpet.  Create a healthy, clean environment for you and your family and keep your home with pride and confidence that it is truly clean to the deepest fibres.

Our Clean Rite Team are owner operators and as such they take great care with each and every customer they service.  These guys genuinely care about what they do. They can get stuff out that others have tried and failed to fix.

They will happily come to your home and give you a free honest quote with no hidden or extra costs.  What they say is what you get, while always going the extra mile to give you that top quality service.

If you can’t afford a new lounge suite we can even bring your old one back to life.  Lounge suites can pick up dirt and oils from our hands and hair, our pets hair and mould if up against walls, stuff that you don’t think about, general dust for example.  Furniture isn’t easy to clean and although we do our best with our vacuum cleaners, they can’t wash the fabric itself. We can do this for you, we can clean any fabric furniture to make it as good as new again.

We use citrus based pre spray to get things going by soaking the fibres in the carpet before using our low foaming cleaning product from our machine to finish our thorough cleaning process.  Carpets will feel dry to the touch and will freshen the entire home, no more stale smells.

Flood restoration - Many people have been caught out over recent years with unpredictable weather events causing flooding to your home or workplace.  We have the ability to take the brunt of the work off your shoulders and offer a 24/7 Flood restoration service, We know these things don’t always happen within the convenience of normal operating hours but we are here to help when needed.
We can get that water cleaned up quickly with our equipment and off your floors to help minimize the long term water damage.
Water damage can cause mould and mould spores can affect your health, if you don’t get it sorted quickly.

Monday, 16 April 2018


Setting goal's in your service based business is very important, Not only to lay the foundation of where you would like to be in the future but to also draw a map on how you are going to get there. Within my business Wash Rite i have set quarterly goal and yearly goals and 3 yearly goals.

These goals are broken down as follow's.

Quarterly Goal's

  • 5% min growth in revenue across all our franchise's while growing our net profit margin by at least 1.25% each quarter.
  • Raise our client referral rate each quarter by at least 2.5%
  • Lower or Accounts Recoverable payment days average by 2.5% each quarter
  • Average of 1.5 new franchise's launched each quarter
Annual Goal's
  • 20% min annual growth on year before
  • 5 New Franchise's to be launched within the year
  • Client referral to take over our largest client source 
  • Net profit grows by at least 5% but ideal target of 11%
3 Yearly Goal's
  • Be the largest exterior cleaning company within New Zealand, Currently the largest in the south island and second largest in the country.
  • Have a franchise network of 30 plus franchises within New Zealand.
  • Launch the first Wash Rite franchise outside New Zealand. 
As you can see our quarterly goals are very manageable and seem small, But that;s the point, Make your goals achievable and work towards them and soon you will notice your small goals are reached and soon so will be your larger goal's, The only think you have to do is the work required to achieve the goals.

At the moment we are well on the way to achieving our goal, This year alone we have opened up a franchise in Christchurch and they are doing very well servicing there house wash and roof wash clients in Christchurch and we have also started a franchise in New Plymouth who are doing exceptionally well and are almost close to be the market leader in there city.

Monday, 5 February 2018


Franchise To Success.

Wash Rite was conceived with a basic idea by two mate's in mid-2015 and by January 2018 it has grown to a point that it is the second largest exterior cleaning company in New Zealand and very soon to be the largest.

Wash Rite like many businesses had very humble beginnings with cheap vehicles and second-rate equipment. But every cent we earnt was rolled back into the business to buy better equipment and better vehicles. It didn't take long until we had the highest quality equipment available and brand new vehicle all without any debt.

Even with old vans like the one above Wash Rite was able to secure very large contracts and some very prestigious jobs like the house in the picture are New Zealand's most expensive and notorious house the Dot Com Mansion.

There have been a couple main keys to Wash Rite's success, The first is very simple, Hard work and lots of it. And the second is the decision to grow through a franchise network. 
At present we have 7 franchisee's within the Wash Rite group and an 8th will be launched within the next four weeks. The newest franchise will be Wash Rite Taranaki based in New Plymouth New Zealand.

The franchise model allows a company to grow fast with little capital compared if you decided to grow with company-owned depots and equipment. The franchise system allows you to have full control over the systems and procedures but you share the risk but don't forget you also share the rewards as well which is only fair.

The biggest mistake you can make when franchising is selling a franchise to the wrong person or a person who does not have the right work ethic. Nothing kills a franchise like a lazy franchisee. And nothing will make a franchise into a raging success like lots of hard work and lots of effort.
There are a few key points to remember when you try and franchise any service based business.
  • Have plenty of cash or great cash flow in place as it will take a lot of money to pay lawyers for a decent franchise agreement, ops manuals, health and safety policies.
  • Be very picky who you sell a franchise too.
  • Have high standards when it comes to quality of work, vehicle graphics and anything to do with the company image.
  • Don't be afraid of your competition and don't be afraid to get into a fight or two with them to stamp your control over your market and the industry as a whole.
If you follow these basic steps any profitable business can be franchised and you can make a great deal of money as a franchisor.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Why Its Important To Wash Your House In A Coastal Location.

In New Zealand its part of our history and culture to own a batch on the beach, And there is no more popular place to own a batch than the Coromandel peninsular. One of the big issues house owners face living on the coast is salt spray and mould growing due to the temperate climate which is perfect for growing moss and mould.
As we all know salt spray can cause un-treated metal to rust and or corrode prematurely which can be expensive to fix and or replace. Some timbers mostly softwoods will rot and fail in this environment as well.
Jason Shaw from  Wash Rite based in Thames and covers the whole Coromandel region gets many many calls from home owners wanting to remove the salt and mold from here home to protect the house. A simple Low Pressure House Wash once a year will remove this contaminants and keep the house looking its best. Jason see's on a daily basis what can happen if you do not clean and wash your house which is in a coastal location on a regular basis, " It does not take long for the salt spray to rust everything and anything and the moss and mold causes rot of untreated timber within a few short years".
Below are a few quick things you can do to protect your coast property and stop harmful damage to set in.

  • Wash your house every year or two.
  • Hose down the side of the house that faces the water or prevailing winds monthly.
  • Try and only used stainless steal or galvanized fitting in your house.
  • Keep trees and bushes away from the house, let as much sunlight in as possible.
  • Set up a regular maintenance schedule for your house.