Thursday, 13 December 2018

Clean Rite Canterbury Has Launched

Clean Rite has launched a new franchise into the Christchurch market, This franchise is owner and operated by John Lambert and his wife. John has previously owned a large scale cleaning business and brings many years of experience with him.

Clean Rite Christchurch will offer a full range of commercial cleaning services to it clients, These services are.
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Commercial Office Cleaning
  • Retails Cleaning
  • Medical Cleaning
  • Education & Day Care Facility Cleaning

For a full list of Clean Rites Service please visit our website

Clean Rite will be bring to the Christchurch market the ability to deal with one cleaning provider for all your commercial cleaning needs regardless if its office cleaning, stripping and polishing floor or if it is cleaning the carpets in your building Clean Rite has the equipment and experience to provide the RITE outcome.

If you have any questions on how Clean Rite can help you with your cleaning needs please call john on 0273202120 or email and he will be more than happy to provide a free quote or free information to you at anytime.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

The Rite Group launches a new franchise network

Have you tried cleaning your carpets with endless products?  Have you hired equipment and chemicals that just didn’t give you the result you are looking for?

We have news for you….We are now in your area and can get all your carpet problems solved.

Would you like your carpet to have a longer life span?  

You never really consider how much we take our carpets and rugs for granted, how much life gets lived on them.

We walk on it, kids crawl and play on it, pets run, sleep and roll on it, we spill food and drinks on it, it has dust and mites settled in it, flea eggs, and not to mention yucky mould.

We don't think of this as we walk around barefoot everyday or as our children sit and play with their toys or watch their favorite show while enjoying their favorite snack dropping crumbs that get walked into the fibres and squished in.  Vacuuming can only do so much no matter how much you paid for that vacuum it will only suck out debris not actually clean the fibres and help puff them back up to when it was new, soft and thick.

We take our carpet for granted but no more, extend the life of your carpet.  Create a healthy, clean environment for you and your family and keep your home with pride and confidence that it is truly clean to the deepest fibres.

Our Clean Rite Team are owner operators and as such they take great care with each and every customer they service.  These guys genuinely care about what they do. They can get stuff out that others have tried and failed to fix.

They will happily come to your home and give you a free honest quote with no hidden or extra costs.  What they say is what you get, while always going the extra mile to give you that top quality service.

If you can’t afford a new lounge suite we can even bring your old one back to life.  Lounge suites can pick up dirt and oils from our hands and hair, our pets hair and mould if up against walls, stuff that you don’t think about, general dust for example.  Furniture isn’t easy to clean and although we do our best with our vacuum cleaners, they can’t wash the fabric itself. We can do this for you, we can clean any fabric furniture to make it as good as new again.

We use citrus based pre spray to get things going by soaking the fibres in the carpet before using our low foaming cleaning product from our machine to finish our thorough cleaning process.  Carpets will feel dry to the touch and will freshen the entire home, no more stale smells.

Flood restoration - Many people have been caught out over recent years with unpredictable weather events causing flooding to your home or workplace.  We have the ability to take the brunt of the work off your shoulders and offer a 24/7 Flood restoration service, We know these things don’t always happen within the convenience of normal operating hours but we are here to help when needed.
We can get that water cleaned up quickly with our equipment and off your floors to help minimize the long term water damage.
Water damage can cause mould and mould spores can affect your health, if you don’t get it sorted quickly.

Monday, 16 April 2018


Setting goal's in your service based business is very important, Not only to lay the foundation of where you would like to be in the future but to also draw a map on how you are going to get there. Within my business Wash Rite i have set quarterly goal and yearly goals and 3 yearly goals.

These goals are broken down as follow's.

Quarterly Goal's

  • 5% min growth in revenue across all our franchise's while growing our net profit margin by at least 1.25% each quarter.
  • Raise our client referral rate each quarter by at least 2.5%
  • Lower or Accounts Recoverable payment days average by 2.5% each quarter
  • Average of 1.5 new franchise's launched each quarter
Annual Goal's
  • 20% min annual growth on year before
  • 5 New Franchise's to be launched within the year
  • Client referral to take over our largest client source 
  • Net profit grows by at least 5% but ideal target of 11%
3 Yearly Goal's
  • Be the largest exterior cleaning company within New Zealand, Currently the largest in the south island and second largest in the country.
  • Have a franchise network of 30 plus franchises within New Zealand.
  • Launch the first Wash Rite franchise outside New Zealand. 
As you can see our quarterly goals are very manageable and seem small, But that;s the point, Make your goals achievable and work towards them and soon you will notice your small goals are reached and soon so will be your larger goal's, The only think you have to do is the work required to achieve the goals.

At the moment we are well on the way to achieving our goal, This year alone we have opened up a franchise in Christchurch and they are doing very well servicing there house wash and roof wash clients in Christchurch and we have also started a franchise in New Plymouth who are doing exceptionally well and are almost close to be the market leader in there city.

Monday, 5 February 2018


Franchise To Success.

Wash Rite was conceived with a basic idea by two mate's in mid-2015 and by January 2018 it has grown to a point that it is the second largest exterior cleaning company in New Zealand and very soon to be the largest.

Wash Rite like many businesses had very humble beginnings with cheap vehicles and second-rate equipment. But every cent we earnt was rolled back into the business to buy better equipment and better vehicles. It didn't take long until we had the highest quality equipment available and brand new vehicle all without any debt.

Even with old vans like the one above Wash Rite was able to secure very large contracts and some very prestigious jobs like the house in the picture are New Zealand's most expensive and notorious house the Dot Com Mansion.

There have been a couple main keys to Wash Rite's success, The first is very simple, Hard work and lots of it. And the second is the decision to grow through a franchise network. 
At present we have 7 franchisee's within the Wash Rite group and an 8th will be launched within the next four weeks. The newest franchise will be Wash Rite Taranaki based in New Plymouth New Zealand.

The franchise model allows a company to grow fast with little capital compared if you decided to grow with company-owned depots and equipment. The franchise system allows you to have full control over the systems and procedures but you share the risk but don't forget you also share the rewards as well which is only fair.

The biggest mistake you can make when franchising is selling a franchise to the wrong person or a person who does not have the right work ethic. Nothing kills a franchise like a lazy franchisee. And nothing will make a franchise into a raging success like lots of hard work and lots of effort.
There are a few key points to remember when you try and franchise any service based business.
  • Have plenty of cash or great cash flow in place as it will take a lot of money to pay lawyers for a decent franchise agreement, ops manuals, health and safety policies.
  • Be very picky who you sell a franchise too.
  • Have high standards when it comes to quality of work, vehicle graphics and anything to do with the company image.
  • Don't be afraid of your competition and don't be afraid to get into a fight or two with them to stamp your control over your market and the industry as a whole.
If you follow these basic steps any profitable business can be franchised and you can make a great deal of money as a franchisor.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Why Its Important To Wash Your House In A Coastal Location.

In New Zealand its part of our history and culture to own a batch on the beach, And there is no more popular place to own a batch than the Coromandel peninsular. One of the big issues house owners face living on the coast is salt spray and mould growing due to the temperate climate which is perfect for growing moss and mould.
As we all know salt spray can cause un-treated metal to rust and or corrode prematurely which can be expensive to fix and or replace. Some timbers mostly softwoods will rot and fail in this environment as well.
Jason Shaw from  Wash Rite based in Thames and covers the whole Coromandel region gets many many calls from home owners wanting to remove the salt and mold from here home to protect the house. A simple Low Pressure House Wash once a year will remove this contaminants and keep the house looking its best. Jason see's on a daily basis what can happen if you do not clean and wash your house which is in a coastal location on a regular basis, " It does not take long for the salt spray to rust everything and anything and the moss and mold causes rot of untreated timber within a few short years".
Below are a few quick things you can do to protect your coast property and stop harmful damage to set in.

  • Wash your house every year or two.
  • Hose down the side of the house that faces the water or prevailing winds monthly.
  • Try and only used stainless steal or galvanized fitting in your house.
  • Keep trees and bushes away from the house, let as much sunlight in as possible.
  • Set up a regular maintenance schedule for your house.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

3 Ways To Keep Spiders Away

It’s that time again! Spider season. Spring is the special time of year when a spider’s biological clock starts ticking harder than Octomom's. August is usually the prime time for male spiders to start seeking a mate. Spiders are usually solitary, but when it’s time to find a partner, they begin to emerge in droves. I know some are going to rail against the murdering of these eight-legged freaks, but for us arachnophobes, we see things differently. Here are some easy ways to keep Charlotte and her web from bothering you and your family.
  1. Keep a Tidy Home
Everyone knows the phrase, “A clean home is a happy home”, but have you heard, “A clean home is free from spiders”? No? Well, it’s true. The cleaner your home is, the fewer places spiders will have to hide or play. Spiders love cold dark places, so your basement or cellar is a perfect hiding spot. Removing all cobwebs and regularly cleaning duct work can help prevent arachnids from setting up shop. Getting rid of clutter and moving storage bins will help because they won’t feel safe if they are constantly being disturbed.
  1. Peppermint and Horse Chestnuts
If you are looking for a natural repellant, nothing will work better than peppermint oil. Mix a small amount of oil and dish liquid in a spray bottle with water. Spray window sills and around the base of your home inside and out. If you repeat this weekly, it will help keep spiders away. A not so proven method of repelling spiders is the use of horse chestnuts. Horse chestnuts look a little scary and are in fact very poisonous, but it seems like any evidence is anecdotal. There are a lot of people who swear by horse chestnuts, and houses surrounded by the plant seem to be spider free.
  1. Clean Your Gutters
That statement is a little misleading. Cleaning your gutters won’t completely remove your spider problem. The theory behind cleaning your gutters, however, will absolutely help. Removing a spider’s food source will starve the spiders away. Cleaning up a cluttered yard or removing brush can go a long way to getting rid of spiders. Any place that gathers standing water will be a breeding ground for insects and a buffet for spiders. So make sure your gutters aren’t clogged. This will eliminate another area for creepy crawlies to breed and eat.
Ok, so spiders aren’t ALL bad (see image above). They can provide some benefits. They will help control mosquito, ant, and termite populations. But for some of us, the trade off isn’t enough. Following our hints will go a long way to getting rid of your spider problems, but an exterminator might be needed. It is also wise to be careful approaching or killing spiders you aren’t familiar with. Almost every state has at least one poisonous spider. While most aren’t life threatening, a bite might be extremely painful.

Saturday, 27 May 2017


Make Six figures in 12 Months

Do you want to make over $100000 in 12 months and you don't have a degree from a top ranking collage or university??

Its simple follow these basic steps and you will have cash rolling in and have a revenue of at least $100000.

Step 1, Go and buy a decent pressure washer rig, You can get a great second hand one for around $5000 with very little use, 

Step 2, Get a decent website built which you can get done for well under $1000

Step 3 Get 5000 door hangers made and 5000 business cards made up with all your new business details on them and spend every hour the suns up walking the neighborhoods door knocking and offering free quotes and handing out your flyers.

Step 4 When the sun is not up you are at home on Facebook posting ads on the free community pages around your area, as well as ads on free sites such as Craig list, trade me, gum-tree, and many many more, Also list your new business on every single business registry you can find in your country as well as open up a google places account and list your business.

Step 5, By now your been in business for 2 weeks, spend $6000. But your phone is now ring off the hook, You are booking 2 houses washes per day and charging $300 per house wash so now your making $600 per day, Now the hard work starts but ensuring you are doing such a good job for the clients that they refer you to there friends and family and they re book you for next year. 

At this rate you will be making $150000 a year. You may ask why is everyone not doing this? The answer is simple. Not everyone wants to or will walk the streets for 12 hours every day offering free quotes and handing our business cards, not everyone can or will walk 10 miles a day offering free quotes in the wind, rain and or heat. The difference between the people that will do it and make great money and the people that wont is drive is the desire to get ahead in life. The only way to make it and to hustle hard to get every client you can and than hustle even harder to keep that client.

Even today where my business is doing almost 7 figure a year i still walk the streets one day a week offering free quotes, I still pay my sales reps to walk the streets and offer free quote and we will never stop doing this.

For all those hard working people out there that bust there butts for someone else, why not bust your butt for yourself, for your family for your kids?? But i do warn you the journey along the way is not great but the end result sure is.

Friday, 26 May 2017


In business and marketing there is an important motto i was taught early in my business career, And that is you must give to get! What does that mean? you might ask.

When it comes to any form of marketing and or customer acquisition you must offer your customers some sort of value before asking them to hand over there hard earned money. For example when you have a facebook page for your business don't make every post or even every second post asking for clients to buy of you or to use your service. Make sure the majority of your post's are good quality content that has value to your client base. The content maybe a good blog post about the industry your business is in, It could be helpful tips, or important news that will effect your business and or your clients.
Once your follower see your page or marketing material has value they are more likely to keep on following you and they will build trust in your brand which will bring them back time and time again to buy from you.

The biggest mistake a lot of small businesses make is always asking for there customers to buy now, Instead of the business offering something to the customer first, This will make the customer feel like they owe you and in turn will buy from you. Now what you as the business gives the customer does not have to cost much at all if anything, A good example is in one of my business Wash Rite which is a house and roof washing business we send our a monthly news letter, In that newsletter there is always a section of free tips to keep your home looking great, There will also be a small section on up coming events in our local community and finally we always through in a discount coupon to another local business we partner with. The rest is all promotional material about Wash Rite and how they can use our service.

By operating your business in this way you will engage with your customers more, and you will also build a well know brand in the area you operate and your clients will stay using your products or services longer as they feel they get great value from being your customer.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

End of Summer Cleaning List

End of Summer Cleaning List

In New Zealand Autumn is a time of celebration, Rugby and Rugby League has just started a new season, The leafs are changing color. As summer starts to wind down our homes will need a re-freshening. Spring cleaning is all about clearing away the clutter and brightening up our homes in time for summer but autumn cleaning is all about getting your home ready for those cold wet winter days and nights that New Zealand has. Here are a few things that we recommend you get done before autumn is in full swing.

Gutter Cleaning 
Cleaning out your gutters is probably the single most important thing you can do as part of your autumn cleaning. Gutters that are not cleaned out regularly can block up and overflow and can flood back into the roof and wall cavity. Failing to maintain your gutters can become a very costly repair to your home. It's always a good idea to do a thorough gutter cleaning before the leaves begin to fall and another one once all the leaves on all the tree's around you house has fallen off, This will give you the best outcome and the least possible chance of a gutter blocking up and overflowing.

Clean window's
Having clean windows during the summer is a must, so the majority of homeowners get their windows cleaned in late spring or early summer. But late summer and Autumn might be the last chance to give yourself a clear view for the winter. The days are getting shorter, so to maximize your home’s natural light through the end of the year, give your windows a thorough cleaning. Windows are constantly exposed to the elements of rain, frost, temperature change and wind. Glass is a porous, sponge-like surface that will develop a buildup of dust, dirt and various minerals over time. When these penetrate, it can cause staining and permanent damage. Replacing your windows is extremely expensive and completely avoidable.
Many homeowners are able to tackle the tasks inside their home, but how many are able to get on a ladder and completely clean their own windows, gutters or stain their own deck? How many homeowners are comfortable doing that, and furthermore, have the tools and supplies to do so? Reaching out for help in some areas may be worth considering. Do yourself a favor and research quality local house washing company's.

Roof Cleaning
Autumn is the best time to have your roof treated for moss and mould. A simple and cost effective moss and mould roof treatment might set you back $200 or less but it will save you much much more on roof repairs and replacement cost's. As most roof treatment 's require the wind and the rain to wash away the dead moss and mould on the roof once its been treated the winter rains will help speed up the removal of the dead material. 

Contact your local roof wash contractor and get them out to provide a quote, Always make sure you see there insurance before any work is carried out on your property.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

10 Steps to Systematizing Your Business

10 Steps to Systematizing
Your Business for Success

by Troy Hillard
Wash Rite Limited
Most errors made within any business large or small are not caused by staff not taking there job seriously or intentionally damaging product it's cause by those staff not having a clear and defined policy and procedure on how to carry out that task there required to do.. Here are 10 steps i believe will help you to create policy's, procedures and systems that will ensure your business more successful in the future.
Clarity is one of the key point's in effective business structure design, along with people and industry specific technology. Yet with the haphazard process management common in many businesses, it is little wonder that employees struggle to do a good job. So, although mapping your business processes is relatively simple to do and involves no financial outlay, it pays huge dividends in business efficiency and employee commitment. If you are thinking about systematizing your business, here are ten key pointers to keep in mind.
I see many businesses, both large and small, continue to communicate sections of important policies and processes to employees through one-time emails and the like. This could include a new purchase authorization policy or a new data entry procedure. Expecting employees to forage through past emails and other transitory type documents only leads to wasted time and exasperation.
1. Involve employees who actually do the work in the mapping
Employees who do the actual work are in the best position to know the detailed steps in each process. They are also most familiar with the common roadblocks and bottlenecks and the key contacts in the organization to get things done. Involve your employees up front by inviting them to join process-mapping teams. Keep managers and supervisors out of the process-mapping sessions, as they have a tendency to dominate the sessions with their own "expertise."
2. Identify process start and end activities
For each process, clearly identify the start and end. If the team neglects this important step at the start of each mapping session, in the team's enthusiasm, extra activities will quickly creep into the picture until the process becomes unmanageable. Think of one activity that triggers the process, such as an invoice appearing in an in tray. This is the start. Then think of the last activity performed. It may be, for example, posting an item to the General Ledger.
3. Identify process objective and inputs and outputs
This is where work starts to take on new meaning for employees. The team leader should ask employees why each process is performed and what are the expected results of each process. Not only does this help to focus attention on removing non-value add activities, but it also gives employees a sense of purpose in their working life.
Asking the teams to identify the inputs to the process and the expected outputs will serve to clarify what the process needs before it can begin and what customers of the next process will get before they can begin. For example, agreeing that widget assembly cannot begin until the joining screws are supplied will eliminate a lot of idle work in progress.
4. Identify Customer and Supplier requirements
Next, each team needs to work out who the suppliers and customers of the process are. This step is critical as it identifies who the team needs to work with collaboratively to maximize business results. If a process does not have a customer, then eliminate it as it has no useful purpose. Every employee working in a process should serve either an internal customer or an external customer or both. Each team should then ask of their customers what it is they want from the process, in terms of quality, turn around time, and so on. For example, the internal customers of the purchasing team may require orders to be fulfilled within two days unless placed on back order.
Conversely, the team needs to clarify what it is they need of their suppliers, both internal and external, to perform their process effectively and efficiently. A purchasing team may require other departments, for example, to fill in all fields of the Purchase Order prior to submission.
5. Identify a Process Owner for each process
For each process, specify one Process Owner. Identifying one person who is responsible for the process end to end is critical to ensuring process efficiency. Where processes flow through departments, as all major processes do, the Process Owner will need to have sufficient authority and credibility to make decisions spanning these departments. There is no more effective way that I know to dismantle quickly and effectively the silo walls that get built separating departments.
6. Manage the level of detail
The magic of process maps lay in their seemingly simple visual presentation of complex ideas. One picture can tell a thousand words. Each process map should take up no more than one page, with its definition taking up just one other. If a map takes up more than one page, identify sub-processes within each process and show each sub-process on a separate page. Use clear referencing to link each sub-process with its associated macro process. I have seen process maps that flow on page after page after page. These do little more than confuse employees.
Do not try to document everything that goes on in your organization. Decide on the priority processes and concentrate on these. Processes from which you can gain quick wins are those that interface with external customers and suppliers and those that are currently providing you with your biggest headaches.
7. Use standardized mapping conventions
What you want is for anyone in the organization to be able to pick up a process map and understand instantly what it is they are seeing.
Standardize on mapping conventions and formatting of the maps. Mapping symbols, flow direction, page layout, fonts, titling and so on, should be the same from one map to another. Keep the number of flow chart symbols to a minimum. You should need no more than six to keep the maps easy to read.
8. Get agreement on the process
The most beautifully documented process will mean naught if there is little commitment from the major actors to follow them. Crunch time will come in those tough times of impending deadlines and snappy stakeholders.
I find what works well is getting formal sign-off from the process-mapping team leader, the Process Owner and the managers of the interfacing processes (both supplier and customer). This may seem overkill and you may get some resistance, however, getting formal agreement now will save you much heartache later when people start to come up with excuses as to why the seemingly agreed process does not apply in this or that case.
9. Document the process
The most important thing that team leaders can do after the team agrees on the process definition and steps is to write it down. What works well is brainstorming all the process activities first, writing each process step on a Post-it note and then having a team member place the Post-it notes in order on flip chart paper. The next hour or so is then devoted to arguing about the activities and order of steps. Post-it notes can easily be moved around during this debating process. Only when there is full agreement are the lines and arrows drawn in to signify the process flows. Get the process formally drawn up and make sure that they are made easily accessible to all who need them. Fix them to operator machines, post them on the corporate intranet or place them in a loose-leaf binder on each officer's desk. Put them where people do their work and make sure that they are accurate, concise and easily understandable.
10. Convey management commitment and train your teams
Although mapping business processes will not cost you much in capital expenditure, it does require concerted effort. Get the management team to show visible support and commitment to the project. Activities here include holding regular project progress meetings and rewarding the most productive teams. Teams will loose faith and energy quickly if management support is seen as piecemeal or being given grudgingly. Team leaders will need to be able to organize effectively and manage their time, along with possessing the necessary interpersonal and analytical thinking skills.
Each team will also need a mix of abilities; people who can think creatively, bond the team and follow through on tasks, to name just a few.
Where these skills are lacking, they will need to be learned. Do not skimp on training the teams and their team leaders. This is a very wise commitment, as such teams have proved to be a fertile ground for developing the next line of leaders.
Use as a basis for further improvement
The primary objective of mapping business processes is to form a common understanding from which process improvements can be achieved. If this is the first time that your organization is setting out to map its processes, be ready to receive a bonus. The initial act of defining processes brings new clarity of roles, objectives and activities. For every team that I have worked with, this new shared understanding has uncovered many areas for improvement during the initial mapping process.
Once your teams have completed mapping their key processes, turn them into continuous improvement teams. Not only do the documented maps serve as the agreed baseline for ongoing process improvement, they also make for excellent induction and training resources. Now sit back and watch your business soar.
I hope this information helps you build your business as it has helped me build my business Wash Rite House Washing.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Benefits Of Washing Your House

Benefits of Washing Your House??

As the owner of a house washing and roof washing business i get asked all the time, other than the cosmetic value what are the benefits of washing my house regularly ?  The answer is always a multi prong answer, With the first point that i make that a house that is cleaned on a yearly basis will have a much better lifespan on its house's exterior material, weather its brick, weatherboard, vinyl siding or concrete render. What a lot of home owners don't know is that moss and mold damages paint and shortens its life span, Regardless what your house is made out of you are safe to say in most cases there is a paint coating on that material which will help keep it water tight and stop water absorption, and if you don't clean your house from the moss and mold the paint will wear prematurely and your exterior cladding material can and will start to absorb water and start to break down.

Another key factor why you should keep your house clean is that if your house is covered in dirt and mold than there is a chance it could be covering up a more serious issues such as termite damage, infestation of pest's, Dry root, As a professional house washing company is washing your house they should be inspecting your house to ensure it is spotless but this also gives them the opportunity to spot any structural issues or condition issues and they should notify you of any issues they see and this will give you the chance to have the fixed or get a professional in that field to do an inspection before the problem gets worst.
Another key reason and benefit of getting your houses washed on a regular basis is the fact that your house in probably your biggest asset and you want to not only keep the purchased value of that asset but you want the capital value to grow over the years and a house that has been well looked after and properly maintained will not only keep its value but grow in value. Everyone has that one house in the street that for years has looking like a bomb site, If that house come up for sale would you recommend that house to friends and family?? I think not and you want your neighbors to recommend your house to anyone and everyone if and when your houses comes up for sale.

A big reason to wash your house that a lot of people don't think about straight away is that you wash away all the spiders webs, spiders eggs and nest and the bugs they eat, By giving your house a good wash you will be able to remove all spiders webs, Once you have done this its the perfect time to ask your house wash company to do an exterior pest and spider spray so the spiders just don't return the next day to lay new webs, which they will do.

Your family's health has to be a considering factor, If you let your house washing go undone for too long, then the exposure to mildew, mold, dirt and algae can effect your family members health, The longer it sites the more potential life threatening it is for your family and more so for the younger and older members of the family. Its also a good idea not to forget to get your driveway, decks, porch, patios and roof washed regularly as well.

And what i believe is one of the most important reasons to have your house washed on a regular basis is the fact that when your house is clean you become more house proud and you tend to take care of your house, You will also sit back and smile when you look at your house and its clean and sparkles in the sun, There is nothing more satisfying when your see the fruits of your labor.

If you want a free quote to have your house washed please call Wash Rite on 0800101216 or if you wish to wash your own house and you need some advise feel free to call us as well and we will be happy to give some free advise.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Environmental Responsibility in the house wash industry.

Environmental Responsibility

At present there is a hot topic in the house wash industry and it revolves around the environmental impacted that our industry is having in the local community and how we are effecting the environment. 

As most company's us a sodium hypochlorite based cleaning soap, commonly known as bleach we would have to assume there would be some negative impact on the environment!  A lot of house wash company's advertise the fact that there soaps are bio-degradable, Which they are, Bleach brakes down into its natural elements mainly salt.

The issue arises when two much salt at one time is released into the environment at any given time it can cause the PH level in the soil or water ways to change dramatically and can cause a very caustic environment.

This convocation in our local area arose of late due to one of our competition being charged and prosecuted for releasing a large amount of SH into a local feeder stream to a major water way, This caused a large amount of fish, and eel death very very fast.

A culvert pouring toxic chemicals into the small waterway in Paeroa.Dead eels from the toxic discharge.

For more information on this case please read the news article linked

Talking to the owner of this company it seems they actually had the equipment to suck the chemicals from the storm water drain and remove it from site before it could actually go into the stream but an employee placed the recovery equipment at the wrong drain and the chemicals coming off a roof they where cleaning made it way into the drain system and into a water way at the rear of the property. Now giving full credit to the owner of the house wash company as soon as he was made aware of the issue and the subsequent investigation he stepped up, admitted fault, co-operated fully with the investigation. In my personal opinion i do not believe there was any intention by this company to discharge the chemical into the waterway. The company in question has learnt from this mistake and have implemented policy's and procedures to never have this happen again.

In your business what policy's and procedure do you have in place so not to be the one in court over major environmental breaches. I know at Wash Rite House Wash we have robust chemical handling policy's and procedure in place and constant training for our staff. We also have a full environmental policy in place which is aligned with the company policy of ZERO HARM, That's zero harm to staff's health and safety, zero harm to the environment and zero harm to the company reputation.

I Highly recommend you take a minute and have a look at your business and how your business looks at its environmental impact and see if there is anywhere you can improve.

Troy Hillard
Wash Rite

Friday, 17 February 2017


A common question asked is why should i get a moss & mould roof treatment on my roof? Well the answer is simple, Your house is your biggest investment and the roof covers and protects your house. So by maintaining your roof your roof will not leak, will last much much longer and your house will have a much better street appeal and will not only retain its value but will grow in value.

You may ask yourself why moss, mould, and lichen grows on your roof? Moss, Mould and Lichen will grow on your roof for a couple of main reasons. First your roof is what covers your house from rain so that means your roof is a damp locations alot of the time, Unlike the walls of the house the roof is not vertical so the slop on the roof allows the moss and mould spores to latch on before they are washed away. Something as small as a roofing nail or crack in a tile can be enough for the spores to get caught and start to grow and multiply and soon cover the entire roof.

Some people might ask is there a basic and or cheap way to stop this from happening? The simple answer is NO, you will never stop the moss, mould, and lichen spores from landing on your roof. What you can do is make the environment harder for them to grow and multiply and there is a few simple steps to take to do this.
  1. Trim all tree's and bushes away from the house, Direct and consistent sunlight is a great way to stop the spores from growing, Moss, mould and lichen love damp shaded places and this is why you will see a heavier contamination on the southern side of the roof in the southern hemisphere and the northern side of the roof in the northern hemisphere.
  2. Another simple idea is to keep your gutters cleaned out, if there blocked they will hold and retain water which is all the moisture needed for the spores to grow and multiply so keep them clean and free from blockages.
The best long term way to protect your roof is to get a professional company like Wash Rite to come once a year and apply a moss and mould roof treatment spray over the entire roof. What this will do is kill and the current moss and mould growing on your roof and will leave a residue layer that will keep on killing any new spores that land on the roof for up to 18 months in optimal conditions but yearly treatments is highly recommended. 

As it can take anywhere from 12 to 30 weeks post treatment for all the current moss and mould to die and fall away to leave a nice clean roof you may be in need for a faster option, So speak to your professional roof cleaning company for other options. I do know that Wash Rite does have a full roof clean option which will have your roof nice and clean that same day which is great if your putting your house on the market and are about to get the promotional pictures taken.

We also highly recommend you speak to your insurance company as its starting to become common practice in the past 3 years for insurance company's to deny policy's if your roof is not clean and maintained. The insurance company's are well aware that the roof protects the house and is an integral part of the water proofing system of a house. As you will see in the video below they are cracking down on poorly maintained roofs.                                                                                              
So don't get caught out with a dirty roof and no insurance.
A new roof in New Zealand will cost anywhere from $1500 to $35000 but a moss and mould roof treatment will cost anywhere from $180.00 to $300.00 depending on your roof size and a full roof wash starts from $450 to $650.00 .

Troy Hillard Owner of Wash Rite said call us and we will send one of our reps around to offer a free quote to remove any and all moss and mould or to treat it to stop its return.