Tuesday, 21 May 2019

5 Ways Parking Lot Maintenance Benefits Your Business

5 Ways Parking Lot Maintenance Benefits Your Business

If you own a business that has its own parking lot, you may not have thought much about the need to keep the parking lot in tip-top condition. However, even though
your parking lot may not seem significant in the big scheme of things, your customers will see
the parking lot before they see your business, and they will form impressions.
You should take the time and effort to maintain your parking spaces. Below are five benefits your
 business will gain if you perform regular parking lot cleaning and maintenance.

1. Promote Your Business as Customer-Oriented

One of the benefits of keeping parking spaces well-maintained is the promotion of your business
as customer-oriented. In fact, customers view the parking lot as the place where the welcome
mat is rolled out to the public.
Due to the importance placed on personal vehicles by New Zealand customers, a parking lot
says a lot about your business' commitment to individuals. A clean, well-lit, smooth, and brightly
marked parking lot lets your customers know that you care about providing safe accommodations
for visitors. By extension, you will be viewed as a trustworthy and helpful person in all your
business dealings.

2. Establish Your Business as Competent

A well-maintained parking lot establishes your business as competent. No one wants to work
with an incompetent company or be served by someone who can’t take care of their own
A parking lot that isn't overgrown with weeds or full of rubbish demonstrates that your business
can handle its affairs well. However, if potholes fill the lot and line stripes are faded beyond
recognition, then your business will look as if you don't have the resources or ability to manage
your own affairs as well as the affairs of others.

3. Prevent Liability Claims

A reason why your parking lot should be kept maintained is to prevent possible liability concerns.
A slip, trip, or fall in your business parking lot could lead to an expensive lawsuit for you to
defend against or settle.
On the other hand, however, a well-maintained parking lot that can be easily navigated by
drivers won’t involve you in a lawsuit. Parking lots that are dark and dirty are accidents waiting
to happen, and it’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt.

4. Lengthens the Lifespan of Parking Surfaces

When you maintain your parking lot, you will lengthen the lifespan of the underlying material.
A parking lot may look hard and untouchable, but asphalt can be quickly turned into a thick river
of goop if the outdoor temperatures rise significantly.
However, a maintained parking lot can resist some of the potential damage and needs
renovating much less often than neglected parking surfaces. Maintenance involves preparing
the surface to keep moisture out of the asphalt grains and crevices. In addition, sealing can help
immensely by focusing on problem areas and creating a dry space.

5. Keeps Criminals Away

Many criminals enjoy finding a dark, colorful place to ply their trades, so don't allow your parking
lot to become one. Most criminals are seeking an easy, fast getaway, and an empty parking lot is
a good target. Customers are aren’t likely to visit if they are concerned about their lives and
personal property.
As a result, keep your parking lots well-lit and patrolled by police or security. Don't allow small
problems to grow into bigger ones, but instead fix problems while they are still budding issues.
For example, be sure to replace each bad light bulb as it appears instead of holding off to grab
a few more.
If you have questions about your parking lot or need to clean it, be sure to contact
Wash Rite New Zealand for help. Our team of professionals is ready and willing to assist you.