Saturday, 27 August 2016

Ramp up for spring in the house washing and roof washing industry - Wash Rite

Spring is about to arrive

In New Zealand spring is just around the corner, You know its close when the flowers start to show and you have a few days in a row above 15 degrees Celsius. With just about a week till it officially starts you need to get ready if your not already. 

We at Wash Rite have our flyers printed, budget put aside to hit google adwords harder than ever, And we have extra staff assets in place to hand out flyers and business cards. We also have a professional marketing team to do all the SEO, newspaper and article side of things.

We will be updating the website and social media pages with spring related items to let our client base know the time has come to get there house washed. Make sure you check us out at and for all the wash rite latest news.

We will also be running specials with our real estate contacts as the house market should rise in spring and this is a good place for work and we work with some really good and nice people in the real estate market.

Some people ask why spring is a busy time of the year and its simple, warmer weather and still plenty of rain makes great moss and mould growing conditions and with the warmer weather more people are outside and notice how bad there house is looking. This will always make your phone ring off the hook.

Inline with this we market our softwash and low pressure wash house washing services very hard over this period. We also market the roof washing and moss and mould roof treatment services as well over this period. I also put a fair bit of work into the pest and spider spraying service as its a great seller and has great profit margins as well. You can find more info about these services at 

Now the phones ringing and the calendar is filling up take the time to get your clients to do reviews on your work on google and Facebook and this will help you down the track getting people to call you. You can see some of mine at or at this is a slow process but it works well and you should put the time and effort into it and it will pay off big time.

Now spring is here so get out there and start making the money i know i will be.


Tuesday, 23 August 2016

How to win BIG commercial contracts ??

One of the big questions i get from new guys to the industry or even guys with years of experience is how do we win the large commercial contracts considering we have only been in business for one year?

The first step is to have a website ours is and on that website it needs to be all about exterior washing , roof cleaning, gutter cleaning and commercial building washing we have all that listed on our services page This will at least get you out there in the market and the property managers can at least find you.

Next step is you have to build a relationship with these big company's and the best way to do that is go in with a dirt cheap rate to get the job and do the most outstanding job they have ever seen, this will make them come back time and time again and you can slowly raise the prices to market rate. This will also help you build a reputation for doing the big jobs and doing them well. 

Now build a personal relationship with the property or building manager as often they will go from building to building or company to company and if you have a relationship with them they will often call you up to come and do work at there new location.

Most important is when you win a contract try and get a signed contract for 2 or 3 or even 5 years, this will stop any other house wash and building wash company from under cutting you for at least that time frame and in that time frame you make yourself so helpful they cant do without you and your company. This is what we always do at Wash Rite.

Next is milk every job for what its worth and what i mean by that is make sure you take before and after pics for use on your website and social media so you can build awareness that your company is the go to company in your city for the big commercial jobs.

Now you have to do the basics, such as google adwords and have keywords for commercial jobs in there such as the following, commercial building wash, body corporate building wash, high rise wash, shopping center wash, commercial window wash, Hamilton building wash, Wash Rite building wash, Waikato building wash, As you will see i listed a few for my local city and area and so should you.

We have also built a reputation for wash multi million dollar mansions, This all started for us when we won the contract for washing New Zealand's largest and most expensive house, known as the Dot Com mansion.

This house was amazing, not only wash it huge but everything was over the top from secret rooms and passage ways to life size sculptures of giraffes and rhinos in the gardens.

Once we started to post on social media that we washed this house and showed before and afters we started to get calls from other home owners who owned massive houses who wanted a professional and private service which we offered. This type of work you will not get from adwords its always referral or word of mouth.

So get out there and start chasing the commercial jobs guys and hope you guys have the success we have had so far.

Troy Hillard
Wash Rite - House Wash Hamilton

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Growing Pains in your business - Wash Rite NZ

As the owner of a house wash and pressure wash business based in Hamilton New Zealand we have had amazing growth in our first full year in business. We went from 1 trailer rig till now we have 2 trailer rigs, 1 van set up and 2 flatbed set up all set up for house wash and pressure washing, The van and 2 flat beds both have pressure wash and soft wash set ups and the trailers are set up for pressure wash.

We have reached a point where we are feeling the growing pains, We find it hard to get decent staff and when i talk to friends whom own other business not in the house wash industry they are finding it hard as well to get decent staff.

Now we have built up a company that can meet all its cost's purely on the cash flow it makes we are now going to try and concentrate on the higher end jobs that have a min costing of around $500 and above. This will mean we will have less reliance on a large staff number to reach the large turnover and profit margins we want out of our house wash company.

The next issue which is a small one and does not bother us is the next faze of investing in equipment, We have purchased all our vehicles second hand and with cash, Its now time to go and buy a couple new trucks and get them kitted out and put them to work, 2 trucks kitted out will cost us around $100000 which is no problem as we would have them paid off within 12 months, This will allow us to have 2 back up trucks in case one is off the road and also allow for easy expansion which we expect we will need.

This year we have invested heavily in advertising, marketing and promotional events. We will be at the Waikato home and garden expo and we believe this will be a great place to get leads and pick up extra high value work. Plus 2 of our biggest competition are there and i will spend what ever amount is needed to even take one job of the,.

The other growing pain we feel at the moment is all the professional and business contacts we have are all compounding at the moment and we are getting 3 to 5 referrals a day from these people which is great but we are starting to run out of time in the day to get out and quote there house wash jobs or roof cleaning jobs. This on top of our website is bring in all the leads we need at the moment.

So all in all these are our growing pains at the moment, Great problems to have and i hope they continue to happen to us as it means our house wash business is growing which is what we want.

Feel free to check out our website at or give us a call on 0800101216

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Winter is almost over - Time to ramp up the house washing

Down here in New Zealand winter is almost to an end and spring is a few short weeks away and in turn the house washing part of the business is getting ready to explode. Now the sun is out a little longer but there is still moisture around this means the moss and mould on people's house's is set to grow super fast and make there house look really bad. This is where we at Wash Rite come in, We will come and wash your house, clean your gutters out, wash your roof and spray a long lasting moss and mould treatment on your roof to stop the return of the moss and mould. This will get your house looking great again and get it ready for all those summer BBQ and party's you will be having in your clean home.

Now if you have black algi or moss on your driveway, path, and or patios than we can help there too. We can come and pressure wash them clean and spray a treatment on these hard surfaces to stop the return of the moss and mould.

Wash Rite is by far Hamilton's fastest growing and one of the best know house washing and commercial building washing company's around and we have become this due to hard work and excellent results. If you have a free moment have a look at our website and you will find the full list of all our services we can offer from house washing to gutter cleaning and everything in between.

To give you a quick run down on the services we offer.

Main one is house washing,
We use a low pressure house wash system that will removal all moss, mould and dirt and leaving your house looking great, This will also protect and prolong the life of your house.

Roof Cleaning

Wash Rite is the only company in New Zealand that has a genuine softwash systems setup and we use this to softwash your roof and get it looking as good as a new roof.

Roof Treatment.

Wash Rite is also able to offer a roof treatment service, this is where we spray your roof with a long acting chemical treatment that will kill all moss, mould and lichen and as it dies it will break down and wash away with the rain, The chemical we use is commercial grade and many many many times stronger than the retail wet and forget products.

Gutter Cleaning

Wash Rite offers a full gutter cleaning service where we removal all material  from the gutters and flush out the down pipes to prevent and backup of the gutter.

Commercial building washing

Wash Rite is by far the best placed company in the Waikato to wash your commercial building as we have current contracts to clean Westfield Chartwell, Breamer Hospital, Waikato hospital and many many more large building, We are fully kitted out to wash the large building and do not need to contract any of it out to outside company's.

Farms and Dairy Shed

Wash Rite has a massive amount of experience in cleaning dairy sheds and other farm shed, We have built a strong reputation in the rural industry for superior work and great value to the farming business.

Pest and Spider Spraying

Wash Rite has fully licensed and qualified pest control specialist on the team and are able to spray your home and or business to remove any pest, We always recommend spraying for spiders after a house wash as the spiders can and will return and spin a new web on your clean house.

So if you think Wash Rite could help keep your home tidy than give us a call on 0800101216 or visit us at

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Wash Rite will be at the Waikato Home and Garden Show 2016

Wash Rite will be having a stand at the Waikato home and garden show this year held at claudlands event center from October 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th so come and see us as we will be having giveaways at our stand and come register your interest for a free quote to get your house looking its best. As there are no better company out there to wash your house, clean your roof, clean out your gutters and get your house looking a million dollars.

Hope to see you guys and girls there.

Wash Rite - House Washing

Wash Rite will be at the Waikato Home and Garden Show 2016

Wash Rite will be having a stand at the Waikato home and garden show this year held at claudlands event center from October 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th so come and see us as we will be having giveaways at our stand and come register your interest for a free quote to get your house looking its best. As there are no better company out there to wash your house, clean your roof, clean out your gutters and get your house looking a million dollars.

Hope to see you guys and girls there.

Wash Rite - House Washing

Monday, 8 August 2016

Internet presence for your house washing business -

The question i get asked all the time is how important is it to have a web presence for your business??

Well the simple answer is its very important, The first and major step you need to do is get a website built and get it up on google asap and than put some time and effort and money to optimize it to get the best results.
As you will see from my website its basic but it tells you we are a house wash, softwash, pressure wash and roof wash company and where we operate and that's Hamilton New Zealand. All the basic's. Now you have to get that website out there and best way to do that is to get anyone else you know that has a website link your site to there's and list your site on every business directory you can find.

I also highly recommend getting a Facebook page up and going, You can link your website to your page and this will help google pick up your site, With your Facebook page you need to have as much house wash based content on there that you can. This will help drive google to your content rich website. Check out my Facebook page for idea's

These are the first two steps on building a web presence to help grow your house wash business. 

Hope this helps the new guy in the house wash or pressure wash business.

Troy Hillard
Wash Rite