Monday, 5 February 2018


Franchise To Success.

Wash Rite was conceived with a basic idea by two mate's in mid-2015 and by January 2018 it has grown to a point that it is the second largest exterior cleaning company in New Zealand and very soon to be the largest.

Wash Rite like many businesses had very humble beginnings with cheap vehicles and second-rate equipment. But every cent we earnt was rolled back into the business to buy better equipment and better vehicles. It didn't take long until we had the highest quality equipment available and brand new vehicle all without any debt.

Even with old vans like the one above Wash Rite was able to secure very large contracts and some very prestigious jobs like the house in the picture are New Zealand's most expensive and notorious house the Dot Com Mansion.

There have been a couple main keys to Wash Rite's success, The first is very simple, Hard work and lots of it. And the second is the decision to grow through a franchise network. 
At present we have 7 franchisee's within the Wash Rite group and an 8th will be launched within the next four weeks. The newest franchise will be Wash Rite Taranaki based in New Plymouth New Zealand.

The franchise model allows a company to grow fast with little capital compared if you decided to grow with company-owned depots and equipment. The franchise system allows you to have full control over the systems and procedures but you share the risk but don't forget you also share the rewards as well which is only fair.

The biggest mistake you can make when franchising is selling a franchise to the wrong person or a person who does not have the right work ethic. Nothing kills a franchise like a lazy franchisee. And nothing will make a franchise into a raging success like lots of hard work and lots of effort.
There are a few key points to remember when you try and franchise any service based business.
  • Have plenty of cash or great cash flow in place as it will take a lot of money to pay lawyers for a decent franchise agreement, ops manuals, health and safety policies.
  • Be very picky who you sell a franchise too.
  • Have high standards when it comes to quality of work, vehicle graphics and anything to do with the company image.
  • Don't be afraid of your competition and don't be afraid to get into a fight or two with them to stamp your control over your market and the industry as a whole.
If you follow these basic steps any profitable business can be franchised and you can make a great deal of money as a franchisor.