Saturday, 21 May 2016

Soft wash vs Pressure Washing

The big difference in most house washing or exterior wash company's is the method they use to wash your house,

1st option is soft wash, The method of soft washing is you applicate your chemical / soap mix onto the house with a low pressure pump, Some of the cheap and nasty company's will use a bertiolini type weed sprayer with a longer hose attached, You see farmers with this style of pump on there quad bikes. You can also use motorized diaphragm pumps as well. The pros for this type of cleaning is the equipment is cheap dirt cheap so the cost to wash the house should be about $1.50 per m2 and the fact that it is gentile on the paint from a pressure point of view. I also believe that soft washing is great for roof cleaning and there is no kick back from the pump while on the roof. Now the cons, The biggest is the strength of chemicals used and the type of chemicals used and that needs to be used to wash your house from moss and mould and dirt. The typical soft wash company that uses 12v electric pumps will use a 15% chlorine mix on your house with a small amount of surfactant to make the mix foam up. If your house is real dirty these company's like to put caustic soda in the mix but be warned caustic soda is the main ingredient in paint stripper and oven cleaner!!!! I would also directly request NO CAUSTIC TO BE USED ON MY HOUSE.
So if you chose a soft wash method ask a few questions what % of chlorine is in your mix when it hits my house and will you ever use caustic soda on my house?? Most company's with soft, chemical, chem, or gentile in there name use these chemicals so be aware now in saying this if these chemicals are used in the right dose and in the right format than there will be no issue what so ever. It all comes down to training.

Picture is a soft rig doing a roof treatment on a hospital roof

2nd option is pressure washing, Company's that use a pressure washer still use chlorine to wash your house but they use a method called down stream injection which just means the chemical is injected into the water stream, Most contractors use a mix that when it hits your house its around 3% to 5% chlorirne which is a lot less than the soft wash only company's that are around 15% and higher in some cases.
When using a pressure washer you have the option of dialing up the pressure if needed to get some hard to remove dirt. The pressure washer can be dialed down low or dialed up very high so this gives the user a higher rate of flexibility to get the job done and done right. In the hands of an inexperienced user the pressure washer can cause damage to sidding's

A pressure wash company is more likely to give you an instant result and the surface is cleaned than and there. A down side of a pressure washing method is the cost of equipment. The equipment alone can cost you $10000 not including the vehicle where a soft wash set up can be brought for $2000

Now my option on whats better - Well both we at Wash Rite have pressure washing equipment and soft wash equipment in each and every service vehicle as each method has its place as long as the person using it is well trained up on best practice. We do extensive training on both sets of equipment before anyone is aloud to use it on a clients house. Training is key in this industry without a doubt, The big problem in our industry is there are heaps of so called bucket bobs out there working from home with no training and very little experience and they cause damage regardless of the method they use. I see it almost daily.

Picture is of a pressure washer washing a house

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Troy Hillard
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House wash competition

In the House wash and commercial building wash industry there are always lots of competition and lots of new guys starting up as there is a small cost of entry into this industry. Some of my competition who have been around for many years really really dislike new guys starting up but not me.
I love seeing new guys out there trying to build some sort of future for them and there family but most of all the added competition drives me harder to make sure we at Wash Rite are on top of our game and always provide the highest level of service all the time. Even with the high amount of contractors out there washing houses or trying to wash houses might be fit for some of them it just makes me get out of bed early every morning and strive harder for my clients.
In our relative short history in this industry we have shaken it up in our area i believe and have turned it from a so called bucket bob industry where most contractors work from there home garage to where we have our own workshop, uniforms, fully signed vehicles , and many different types of advertising.

In the end i believe competition is good no great and you should use it to push yourself harder and harder every day.

Troy Hillard
Wash Rite NZ
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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

In the world of Wash Rite , We have just completed a very special giveaway program. Over the ANZAC period we gave away 12 house wash packages to returned serviceman and women around the Hamilton and greater Waikato region.
As Matt my business partner and i are both ex serviceman I served 8 years in the Australian Army and Matt served 5 years in the British Army it is close to our hearts to help this hero's

We have also grown in the past month and have employed another staff member out there washing houses and spraying roofs which has been great. The new employee Sam is a young single father who jumped at the opportunity to get a job with a future and we are happy to have him in our team.

As the seasons change and we come into winter we expect the type of work to change a little and the residential heavy work load should become a 50/50 mix of residential and commercial work.

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