Tuesday, 25 October 2016


The question i get asked on a daily basis is why is it important to wash my house or roof?? Well its simple your house is your biggest asset. Washing your house and roof will protect the exterior paint or roofing material from harmful moss, mould and lichen which all degrade paint and oxidizers  roofing material.
The picture below is a before and after of a house washed by Wash Rite in Hamilton New Zealand and you can easily see a massive difference in the look and paint condition. A low pressure chemical soap wash is always before for houses as high pressure is not needed and this will prevent paint stripping.
What not many home owners know that some moulds release a chemical while it grows that is corrosive, If this is not cleaned off this will damage your paint and can corrode your aluminium joinery over a period of time.

Wash Rite recommend to all its customers in both Hamilton and Wellington to have your house washed every 12 months and your roof treated for moss and mould every 18 months for the best results. For more information about house washing visit http://washrite.co.nz/services/house-wash/

Another important thing to keep in mind is the ever forgot gutters. You MUST clean your gutters every year ideally at the end of autumn as this will stop your gutters from backing up and over flowing and flooding your house. Most insurance company's will NOT pay out for this type of damage as its your failure to clean the gutters that caused the back up.
A simple gutter clean will save a major issue down the track. Wash Rite often throws in a free gutter clean to clients who book a house wash and roof treatment on the same day. Its a value added service that protects the clients house.

The final service that is a MUST to any home owner that wants to look after there largest investment is a moss and mould roof treatment. This service is a low pressure chemical treatment that kills the moss and mould and lichen on your roof, It will take about 10 to 18 weeks to see great results but it also keeps cleaning for up to 12 months which means once the moss and mould is gone you will have another 10 months of hassle free clean roofs. As the roof is the shield for the house against weather elements its important to look after your roof, and with a replacement cost of around $18000.00 a new roof is not always an option so keep it clean and save yourself a lot of money.
As you will see in the above picture one roof was treated and one was not. This picture was taken around 16 weeks after the treatment and as you can see there is a massive change, For more information on moss and mould roof treatments visit http://washrite.co.nz/services/roof-wash/

Your house is also your home so look after it and give it the maintenance it deserves and it will keep your warm and protected for many years to come, A professional house wash and roof treatment may cost you $500 per year but this is a small price to pay to protect in most cases your life savings.

If you have any questions around exterior house cleaning or roof maintenance feel free to make contact through the Wash Rite website at http://washrite.co.nz/contact-us/ and we will be happy to help.

Wash Rite New Zealand
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Monday, 10 October 2016

Next Level Marketing for your house wash / roof wash business.

You have reached the level that your business is making waves, big waves in your industry within your operating area. The next thing to do is step up your game and go to the next level. We at Wash Rite has reached this level. We are now ramping things up to a level none of our competitors have ever seen.

We are tripled our marketing budget for the coming year, We have doubled our team in the past 6 months, We will be hiring a field sales rep to go door to door offering free quotes as well as handling quote requests from our website. Between the two owners and the sales reps we will be joining 3 business referring groups as well as intense media advertisements such as radio, TV, magazine and newspaper.
Within 6 months we will have Wash Rite as the main brand in our market. Yes it will cost alot of money, but its only money, and we are happy to invest in Wash Rite as we know the return we will have will be well and truly worth it.

I have owned a few businesses over the years and i am yet to find another one that can return the same or better with the amount of investment needed in this industry.

In saying this we are compiling a list of conventions and expos around New Zealand for 2017 and we will be hitting them hard and using that for the growth for the forseable future on top of the other methods we use.