Friday, 24 March 2017

Benefits Of Washing Your House

Benefits of Washing Your House??

As the owner of a house washing and roof washing business i get asked all the time, other than the cosmetic value what are the benefits of washing my house regularly ?  The answer is always a multi prong answer, With the first point that i make that a house that is cleaned on a yearly basis will have a much better lifespan on its house's exterior material, weather its brick, weatherboard, vinyl siding or concrete render. What a lot of home owners don't know is that moss and mold damages paint and shortens its life span, Regardless what your house is made out of you are safe to say in most cases there is a paint coating on that material which will help keep it water tight and stop water absorption, and if you don't clean your house from the moss and mold the paint will wear prematurely and your exterior cladding material can and will start to absorb water and start to break down.

Another key factor why you should keep your house clean is that if your house is covered in dirt and mold than there is a chance it could be covering up a more serious issues such as termite damage, infestation of pest's, Dry root, As a professional house washing company is washing your house they should be inspecting your house to ensure it is spotless but this also gives them the opportunity to spot any structural issues or condition issues and they should notify you of any issues they see and this will give you the chance to have the fixed or get a professional in that field to do an inspection before the problem gets worst.
Another key reason and benefit of getting your houses washed on a regular basis is the fact that your house in probably your biggest asset and you want to not only keep the purchased value of that asset but you want the capital value to grow over the years and a house that has been well looked after and properly maintained will not only keep its value but grow in value. Everyone has that one house in the street that for years has looking like a bomb site, If that house come up for sale would you recommend that house to friends and family?? I think not and you want your neighbors to recommend your house to anyone and everyone if and when your houses comes up for sale.

A big reason to wash your house that a lot of people don't think about straight away is that you wash away all the spiders webs, spiders eggs and nest and the bugs they eat, By giving your house a good wash you will be able to remove all spiders webs, Once you have done this its the perfect time to ask your house wash company to do an exterior pest and spider spray so the spiders just don't return the next day to lay new webs, which they will do.

Your family's health has to be a considering factor, If you let your house washing go undone for too long, then the exposure to mildew, mold, dirt and algae can effect your family members health, The longer it sites the more potential life threatening it is for your family and more so for the younger and older members of the family. Its also a good idea not to forget to get your driveway, decks, porch, patios and roof washed regularly as well.

And what i believe is one of the most important reasons to have your house washed on a regular basis is the fact that when your house is clean you become more house proud and you tend to take care of your house, You will also sit back and smile when you look at your house and its clean and sparkles in the sun, There is nothing more satisfying when your see the fruits of your labor.

If you want a free quote to have your house washed please call Wash Rite on 0800101216 or if you wish to wash your own house and you need some advise feel free to call us as well and we will be happy to give some free advise.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Environmental Responsibility in the house wash industry.

Environmental Responsibility

At present there is a hot topic in the house wash industry and it revolves around the environmental impacted that our industry is having in the local community and how we are effecting the environment. 

As most company's us a sodium hypochlorite based cleaning soap, commonly known as bleach we would have to assume there would be some negative impact on the environment!  A lot of house wash company's advertise the fact that there soaps are bio-degradable, Which they are, Bleach brakes down into its natural elements mainly salt.

The issue arises when two much salt at one time is released into the environment at any given time it can cause the PH level in the soil or water ways to change dramatically and can cause a very caustic environment.

This convocation in our local area arose of late due to one of our competition being charged and prosecuted for releasing a large amount of SH into a local feeder stream to a major water way, This caused a large amount of fish, and eel death very very fast.

A culvert pouring toxic chemicals into the small waterway in Paeroa.Dead eels from the toxic discharge.

For more information on this case please read the news article linked

Talking to the owner of this company it seems they actually had the equipment to suck the chemicals from the storm water drain and remove it from site before it could actually go into the stream but an employee placed the recovery equipment at the wrong drain and the chemicals coming off a roof they where cleaning made it way into the drain system and into a water way at the rear of the property. Now giving full credit to the owner of the house wash company as soon as he was made aware of the issue and the subsequent investigation he stepped up, admitted fault, co-operated fully with the investigation. In my personal opinion i do not believe there was any intention by this company to discharge the chemical into the waterway. The company in question has learnt from this mistake and have implemented policy's and procedures to never have this happen again.

In your business what policy's and procedure do you have in place so not to be the one in court over major environmental breaches. I know at Wash Rite House Wash we have robust chemical handling policy's and procedure in place and constant training for our staff. We also have a full environmental policy in place which is aligned with the company policy of ZERO HARM, That's zero harm to staff's health and safety, zero harm to the environment and zero harm to the company reputation.

I Highly recommend you take a minute and have a look at your business and how your business looks at its environmental impact and see if there is anywhere you can improve.

Troy Hillard
Wash Rite