Friday, 23 September 2016


As your progress from a small business to a medium and large business in the house wash or roof wash industry you naturally want to target some of the large commercial or more prestige jobs to help build your brand and image. So the million dollar question how to do you get these big jobs??

Well there is no simple answer, if there was everyone would be doing it and everyone would be getting these types of jobs. But i can give you a few tips and pointers on how we go about getting these bigger jobs.

1st is the larges company's want to deal with reputable company's so always act in business in a legal and moral way, Now i am not saying don't be competitive and aggressive chasing jobs as i would be the most aggressive person in my industry in my area without a doubt.

2nd would be use any and all contacts you have to try and get a foot in the door, try and at least be able to get a quote in for the job.

3nd don't be afraid to cut your rates for the first few jobs just to get them, build a reputation for doing these large jobs than raise your rates back to market rate and when you get to where i am you can go even higher.

4th is don't be afraid to say NO, Wealth people or business leaders like to deal with people who are confident and know what there doing and know how to get the job done right, If that means saying NO than say it and be confident in your skills. If your not confident they will pick up on it and they will not trust you to do the job.

5th, When you quote be factual and give them all the information about the house wash or roof cleaning, Such as how many days it will take, any extra equipment such as lifting booms you will have on the jobs, any safety issues you have or will cause, and so on this again will show the client you know what your doing and they can trust you to do the job right the first time.

At Wash Rite we have done some of the largest jobs and most prestige jobs in New Zealand, Such as in February 2016 we washed the dot com mansion formally the resident of Kim dot com.

We are back washing the roof of the Dot com mansion in late October 2016 and we will year after year.

Another recent job we have done is a full exterior wash of Westfield Chartwell shopping complex, This job was done after hours at night and was a 4 Night job with 3 crews none stop on it, We are back in November 2016 to wash the roof.
Another large job we do twice a year is washing the exterior and roof cleaning of Braemer Hospital in Hamilton New Zealand, This is a 6 day job for 3 crews, There is alot of glass to be cleaned on this job.
These are only a few but there great ones to show as all of these where clients we walked in off the street and offer a free quote to and they all agreed and now signed a 5 years contract for each of these, Just these 3 alone are $75500 per year in revenue alone.
So the point is don't be shy get out there knock on doors, introduce yourself and start doing free quotes and you never know what you will pick up next.

Any questions happy to answer

Troy Hillard
Wash Rite

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Why you offer gutter cleaning service's

As a house wash, pressure wash or softwash company why should you offer gutter cleaning as part of the service's you offer your client base.
Well its simple its a great value added service that you can upsell when your wash there house or there roof, This means you are already onsite doing a larger job with a larger cost so that means what ever your charge for gutter cleaning is almost pure profit. We at Wash Rite House Wash will charge $90 for a single story gutter clean and $150.00 for a two story gutter clean job and they take around about 1hr to do property, This includes flushing out the down pipes. This means your making up to $150 per hour.

The other main reason you want to ad gutter cleaning to the list of services you offer your clients is that you open the door for a company who does offer it to come in and build a relationship with your clients which is never a smart thing to do in the world of small business.

The decision is yours if your want to market yourself as a gutter cleaning company we at Wash Rite do not do this, We find we get heaps of work just up selling to current clients, plus we will not come out and just clean gutters it has to be an ad on to another service, This just keeps our profit margins where we like them.

The other bonus to offering this service is there is very little investment needed for the equipment to offer this service as you would already have the needed equipment for your house and roof washing duties so your ROI (return on investment) is extremely high and in most cases the first gutter clean you do will pay for all the equipment you will ever need.

The good thing also about the high profit margin is it leaves room in case to secure a good size job you can offer a 50% discount on the gutter clean portion of your quote and still make money and the client believe's they are getting a great deal, Which they are they just don't need to know what your profit margin and cost's are on that job, That's only the information you as a business owner needs to worry about.

Now gutter cleaning is not a glamours service and you will not get rich by offering this service but it will make your company a better option and a better service provider to your current and future client base by offering this service, Plus you can lift the yearly spend of each client by 20% just by offering this service.

Any questions about gutter cleaning just ask

Troy Hillard
Wash Rite

Friday, 16 September 2016

Business systems in your house wash business

Arguably the most important thing to have in place and implemented in your house wash or roof wash business is good simple systems.
Most people roll there eye's and turn off when they hear the term business system's. This is because they don't understand what business systems are and they believe they will not be able to build and implement them into there business.

Well they are easy and simple to do. first thing you need to do is to have the frame of mind that the business needs to be able to operate and also grow without you there guiding it down the path. So first thing to do is write a stand operating procedure for everything, How to wash a house, how to wash a roof, how to make house wash soap, how to pressure wash a driveway and so on, Do this for every service you do and write it in plan simple English so all your staff can read it, understand it, process it and implement it.

Once you have done that you need to make it accessible to all staff. I have mine stored on google docs app so all staff have access to it 24/7 regardless where they are.

I have they in place for operational staff out in the friend doing the house washing and moss and mould roof treatments and another set for admin staff in the office taking calls, phone sales, door to door sales and even me as the owner of Wash Rite.

With everyone in the business having there SOP (standard operation procedures) this free's me up from the day to day questions which they can answer themselves now from just reading the google docs app
Of course if there still unsure i am contactable 24/7 and when ever i am needed by my staff, I always say the only stupid question is the one you don't ask so always ask.

Once you have all these procedures done and implemented and there second nature to your employees you will find you have massive amount of time free now, You can chose to relax and cut back your working time or like me find new ways to grow your business with that time. I chose to grow my business and in turn grow my systems and grow the money i make for less and less work which will allow even more free time to devote to new growth as my staff have taken over the old methods of growth and are keeping those methods producing work and income for the business.

Now the important thing to do when you get to this level is consolidate your customers and income and start to raise your prices by 10% the first 2 years and by 5% every year after, Yes you will loose some clients by lifting your prices but you will be replacing them with higher paying clients, As Keith Kelfas from The Landscape Employee Trap puts it your growing the top while dissolving the bottom, And to be honest i could not word it better myself.

When you get to year 3 of implementing the systems you will find your business is making good money day in and day out and your client base is full of decent paying clients that has a good average income per job ratio.

Now your at the level where you have good cash flow and spare time on your hand, This is the time where i would start to look at investing some of the money your making into cash producing assets such as real estate, This way you now have two forms of income, The business on one side and your rental property or property's on the other and keep building from there.

If anyone has any questions on how i structure my house wash business Wash Rite please feel free to comment and i will reply. Don't forget to follow this blog.

Wash Rite NZ

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Why should you wash your roof???

As i go around and meet clients at Wash Rite House and Roof Washing and provide them with a quote to clean and or treat there roof for moss and mould i get asked often "why should you wash you roof?"

Well it's very simple why you should wash your roof! Keeping your roof clean and free from harmful moss and mould will prolong the life of your roof. And cleaning and treating your roof is alot cheaper in both the short term and long term than replacing your roof.

All roofing manufactures in New Zealand recommend that you should clean your roof or have it treated for moss and mould at least every 2 years to keep your roof in its best shape and to prevent premature degrading and failure of your roof.

Around the world all the big insurance company's are now starting to not insure houses if the roof is not cleaned on a regular basis as they do not wish to be forced to pay out claims for roof replacements, The worlds largest insurer as well as New Zealand largest AIG have implemented this policy in the past 6 months

As we all know you do not want to be left without insurance when you really need it. At Wash Rite we always recommend that all our clients do a full roof clean every 2 years and a moss and mould roof treatment every other year. This system works very well in the New Zealand environment and the roofs look great and the clients are always happy with the outcomes we get for them. I will shop some pictures of our work below.
This is a two unit block, one owner wanted it treated for moss and mould
and the other for what ever reason did not want it or was not available to ask.

This is two small house joined with a common wall, One house hold got treated
and the other did not like any chemicals used on there property so no 
treatment was done on there half of the roof.

As you can see we at Wash Rite can get some outstanding results from our roof cleaning and treatment methods and we always recommend to keep your roof in great shape as its protecting the rest of your house which is your biggest asset you own.

If you have any question please feel free to ask, you can email me on or visit

Wash Rite Limited

Saturday, 10 September 2016


Why wash the exterior of my house?? At Wash Rite this is a common question we get asked on a regular basis, Mainly while completing our sales / quoting duties.

Well the answer is very simple! Your house is your largest investment and asset so you want to take care of it and keep it in the best possible condition as you can. This said your house is also the best option to increase your personal wealth as a result of capital gain and  this capital gain is only enhanced and in some cased enhanced greatly due to the house been washed and the roof cleaned so the house has the best possible visual appearance.

At Wash Rite Hamilton we offer a wide range of services all in the exterior property cleaning field and all these services are there to keep your house looking its best and to keep its value. You can find a full list of the service's Wash Rite offer at the following site

The nest question we get asked quite often is what services should i have done first if on a tight budget?
My answer is away's the same, 1st House Wash, 2nd Roof clean or moss and mould treatment. And when i am asked why would i recommend these two services first its very simple! these two will protect the two largest and most expensive items of your house, The siding / cladding and the roof. To have to replace either or both of these due to damage from moss,mould and lichen would be very expensive. Poor maintenance to your house is very costly down the track so by getting an exterior house washer or roof washing expert like Wash Rite in could save you many thousands of dollars down the track. Plus your home will be the cleanest and best looking house on the street.

Below is a short video of insurance company's refusing to insure your home if your roof is not clean as they recognize the cost of replacement.

The second big reason why you should wash your house and have your roof cleaned professionally is when you go to sell your house a clean house looks better and will demand a higher sale price and will put more money into your back pocket. A person looking to buy a home for there family does not want to have to deal with the mess of washing a house they have just purchased, They want a home to move into and to start to enjoy straight away. A simple house wash and roof treatment yearly can keep your house looking great all year round and will mean an easier sale on auction day. Just as the Wash Rite motto "Where street appeal is everything"

Below i will show a few pictures of an old house we washed before it went on the market, The real estate agent said the wash has added $15000 to $20000 to the sale price.

If you have any questions around washing a house , roof washing or getting a house ready for sale please contact me anytime 

Below are a few links that may help you.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

House Wash Soap Mix

A big question i always get asked at Wash Rite house wash is whats in the soap we use and or how do we make it? Well its simple.
We get a 20lt drum and fill it up with the following.
6 to 7lt of SH
and 13lt of water
as well as 250 to 350ml of surfantant , This will make the soap mix foam up and will help it stick to the house when applying the soap mix.

The soap mix is the same on 90% of all the house washes that we do, from time to time we have to ad some other chemicals but thats not that often. These extra chemicals and why we ad them are a trade secret at Wash Rite house wash so we wont disclose them just yet.

Below is cut from our own standard operating procedure at Wash Rite house wash.

                                               House wash Mix Recipe

Get a clean empty 20lt chemical drum that has a venting screw cap and fill with the following.
4lt of Sodium Hypochlorite
16lt fresh water
150 to 200ml of surfactant

The above recipe is for a house that has an average amount soiling from dirt, moss, mould. If the house is excessively dirty use the below recipe.

Excessively dirty mix.
6lt of Sodium Hypochlorite
14 lt fresh water
250ml of surfactant
Let this soap mix dwell on the house for up to 15 minutes before rinsing and always keep it wet by keep on lightly spraying during the 15 minute dwell time.

If you find a house that has a red or rust color stain on the bottom third of the house this is a mould that is hard to remove but not impossible, Use the excessively dirty mix above but if that does not work rinse and try a 50% SH and water mix and this will remove it.

Red Mould as described above11219716_673097679457377_8842398277651782749_n.jpg

Troy Hillard
Wash Rite House Wash

Friday, 2 September 2016

House Washing equipment tech info

I have decided to write this post as over the past few days in my house wash and pressure washing business i have come to find my staff don't know how things work and the technical side of the equipment as much as i would like.

1st i would like to start with chemical injectors , down stream injectors or venturi valves , What ever you call them in your city, or country there all the same in theory.

As you will see above this is the run of the mill down stream injection valve, There are a few things to take in account when buying and installing these, 1st is that they normally has a ratio or size of pump they will work on , This one has 2-3GPM gallon per minute as my machines are all 6 GPM i could not use this exact one so make sure you check your pumps and buy the right ones. At Wash Rite we only have the one size of pumps and all the same make and model this allows us to stock parts and equipment with ease.

Also the valve will only work when fitted facing the right direction. As you will see on the pump there are arrows facing one direction, This is to show you the direction of the water. So as you see above the pump side would be on the right and the hose real side will be on the left. You can fit the valve anywhere in your system but it must be after the pump never before the pump.

A great video to watch on this would be

The next piece of equipment would be the unloader pictured below.

The unloader does a few things and if set up well should do them very well without issues, You mound the unloader directly after the exit side of the pump on the high pressure side, than you mount your chemical injector or high pressure hose on the direct other side where its marked "out" The port that says "bypass" you connect a return line to your tank, The return line is not high pressure so no need for high pressure hose on the bypass.

Now you have to set the unloader, How i do it is i get a high pressure tip in my lance start the machine and while its running i get a friend to screw down the nut and i can feel it build pressure in my hand through the gun, As soon as the pressure stops building i get my friend to turn the nut back 1 half turn and now its set just a tiny bit below its max pressure which is where you want it, Some people do it with a pressure gauge and this link will show you how they do it.

These are the two pieces of equipment that my guys at Wash Rite have had trouble with in the past week while doing house washing.

Hope this helps the new guys out there

Troy Hillard
Wash Rite NZ