Wednesday, 7 November 2018

The Rite Group launches a new franchise network

Have you tried cleaning your carpets with endless products?  Have you hired equipment and chemicals that just didn’t give you the result you are looking for?

We have news for you….We are now in your area and can get all your carpet problems solved.

Would you like your carpet to have a longer life span?  

You never really consider how much we take our carpets and rugs for granted, how much life gets lived on them.

We walk on it, kids crawl and play on it, pets run, sleep and roll on it, we spill food and drinks on it, it has dust and mites settled in it, flea eggs, and not to mention yucky mould.

We don't think of this as we walk around barefoot everyday or as our children sit and play with their toys or watch their favorite show while enjoying their favorite snack dropping crumbs that get walked into the fibres and squished in.  Vacuuming can only do so much no matter how much you paid for that vacuum it will only suck out debris not actually clean the fibres and help puff them back up to when it was new, soft and thick.

We take our carpet for granted but no more, extend the life of your carpet.  Create a healthy, clean environment for you and your family and keep your home with pride and confidence that it is truly clean to the deepest fibres.

Our Clean Rite Team are owner operators and as such they take great care with each and every customer they service.  These guys genuinely care about what they do. They can get stuff out that others have tried and failed to fix.

They will happily come to your home and give you a free honest quote with no hidden or extra costs.  What they say is what you get, while always going the extra mile to give you that top quality service.

If you can’t afford a new lounge suite we can even bring your old one back to life.  Lounge suites can pick up dirt and oils from our hands and hair, our pets hair and mould if up against walls, stuff that you don’t think about, general dust for example.  Furniture isn’t easy to clean and although we do our best with our vacuum cleaners, they can’t wash the fabric itself. We can do this for you, we can clean any fabric furniture to make it as good as new again.

We use citrus based pre spray to get things going by soaking the fibres in the carpet before using our low foaming cleaning product from our machine to finish our thorough cleaning process.  Carpets will feel dry to the touch and will freshen the entire home, no more stale smells.

Flood restoration - Many people have been caught out over recent years with unpredictable weather events causing flooding to your home or workplace.  We have the ability to take the brunt of the work off your shoulders and offer a 24/7 Flood restoration service, We know these things don’t always happen within the convenience of normal operating hours but we are here to help when needed.
We can get that water cleaned up quickly with our equipment and off your floors to help minimize the long term water damage.
Water damage can cause mould and mould spores can affect your health, if you don’t get it sorted quickly.