Friday, 24 June 2016

Wash Rite You Tube channel

We have started to make some basic house wash videos and videos of day to day in our business and we have put them up on you tube.

Check them out at


Thursday, 23 June 2016

Advertising you pressure wash or softwash business -


I get asked all the time how do i or whats the best way to advertise my pressure wash or soft wash business?? Well this is a few ways i have found that work and some work very well.

1st is what i call the old school ways which are sending out post cards, letter box drops with flyers, advertising in local newspaper and hanging door hangers on peoples front doors. Out of all these ways door hangers i have found to be the best and most cost effective way. We at Wash Rite have about 22% hit rate on the door hangers we put up witch is way better than flyers in letter boxs and or sending out post cards. Only thing with door hangers is you need the design to tell your story and catch there attention really fast. Below is a copy of the one we use.

As you can see it has our company logo, phone number, list of services and down the bottom address, website address and some other contact details.

This design has worked really well for us and has taken 2 to 3 re designs over the last year to get it where it works and gets the phone to ring.

Now once you have the door hangers going up and work is starting to come in what you MUST do is keep a record of every call you get regardless if a job comes from it. Take down there name, address, email, phone number, So you can follow them up at a later time, ad there email to your mail chimp or other email marketing system and in 12 months time give them a cold call and see if they would like a free quote to get a house wash. Wash Rite gets about 2 jobs a week just from doing this but it is a long term system but it works and works well.

Once you have got your first job list your business on every directory you can find, Yelp, BBB, and the like and always ask your customer after you have finished there job to give you a 5 star review, This will help heaps in getting work from the directory. NEVER UNDER ESTIMATE REVIEWS.

Now you have worked on the basics now for the new generation systems, 
1st get a website built by a professional and get the up on the net, Once you have done this you can list it on all the business directory's and start to do basic seo.
2nd will be open up a company Facebook page and get everyone you know and everyone your friends know to like and share it. But remember you need to post daily on it with pictures and info to get it ranking, Now you can share and invite people in your community to like your page, This will also help your google ranking on your website. Also look at doing paid ads on Facebook which can be done for as little as $5 so not expensive
3rd is google ad-words , Get some google ad-word ad up and this is a constant way to get phone calls but it also points people to your website which will boost your google ranking.

Now google ranking is MASSIVE , there are a few ways to help you get a higher ranking and faster than normal.

1st Facebook pages as talked about
2nd Google adwords
3rd Backlinks, This is where your website in listed on other websites such as directory's 
4th is the date of your domain the older the domain the higher the ranking
5th is trends this means the more activity your site has the higher the ranking so get your mates and family to check out your site weekly



If anyone wants any advise you can get hold of me on my Facebook page or at

Soft Wash equipment, Which system is best

We at Wash Rite NZ are having a discussion which type of softwash system we will continue to go with.
At present we run Fat Boy pumps with 120ft of 1/2inch hose and it has worked well over the past year but we have also looked at a 5hp Honda motor with a diaphragm pump on it as well which will give us around 350psi of pressure which is great for doing double story houses.

There are a few factors to keep in mind. First is the cost of each system and maintenance cost of each. The fat boy pump costs around $380 in NZ but the Honda motor and diaphragm pump will cost around $2200 so a big jump in price.

I personally like the idea of the Honda motor set up and i believe i will be able to get more flexibility out of it and can do a greater range of jobs with it and in turn make more money.

I would like to hear what you guys are running and any pros and cons you have found.

Wash Rite NZ

Saturday, 18 June 2016

$1000 A Day Pressure Washing Business

I get asked all time how do i make $1000 profit pressure washing?

First and foremost to make $1000 a day in the pressure washing industry it takes hard work, Every stage from promoting your business , quoting, and customer relations through to doing the work it all takes hard work and effort. So if your scared of hard work and lots of effort stop reading NOW!!!

The first step in making $1000 a day is lots and lots of advertising, There are heaps of ways to advertise your business from expensive ways to methods that are free but you need to promote yourself.

Once your phone starts ringing you you can smile as getting the phone to ring is by far the hardest part of business in my opinion. Now its time to get out there a quote on the job at hand. Before you arrive on site to see the home owner or business owner you should have done your research to know what the market rates are from pressure washing in your area. When you quote never be the cheap option i always try and be middle of the road if not on the higher end of the market prices but what i do is i always offer references from recent jobs i have done and i always throw in a free service even if the free service is to clean the exterior windows for free or do a slow acting moss and mould treatment on there driveway, these free services have a cost of sale to me of around $40 so very little.

Once you have given the home owner or business owner the formal quote you need to follow up with them to try and close the sale, I normally call around them around 48 hrs after the quote was given, This shows your very interested in getting there work and that you have good communication skills as there is a big issue in this industry of people not communicating with the clients well enough so make it a point of difference that you communicate excellent with the client and word will spread.

Now if all went well the client has accepted the quote and you have booked the job in on a set day and time. Now next big thing is to be on time and have all the equipment needed ready to go so no delays when your on site.

Now down to the $$$$$$ , What to charge. In my area a average house size is 200m2 or 1800 ft2 and we would charge around $395.00 for a house wash, We always try and up sell two services at least on every house wash, these are a moss and mould roof treatment which would be another $160.00 and the last service is a driveway pressure clean which would be around $150.00 so a total cost to the customer would be $705, Now we try and complete two of these every day so a daily total of $1410.00.

Now we need to work out our cost of sale for the day to work out our profile, We would use around $25 of chemical on each house and $45 of chemical on each roof and $25 of chemical on each driveway and about $10 fuel for the pump so a total of $105 cost per house so a total of $210 cost for the day, Once we take out our daily business costs which in our business averages $150.00 per day which covers insurance, advertising, and office expenses you will be left with $1050.00.

The figures provided are an average as some day you will make more and some make less and your costs per day will change daily and even more if you have break downs.

As i stated in the first part of this the hardest thing is to get your phone to ring as you need to be doing as many quotes as you can as the more you do the more chance some will accept and offer you the work.

I will post shortly a post on how i get my phone to ring none stop all day every day.

For more information about making money pressure washing or softwash check out this

God Bless and happy pressure washing


Wash Rite NZ

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Growing your House wash - softwash business

Time is coming for Wash Rite to take the next step in its growth, We have been operating for 11 months now and in this time we went from 1 rig out there working to now we have 4 rigs. We need to decide if we grow and put a rig in a new city or do we look at selling a franchise in the new city areas??

I really like the idea of selling rights to areas and having the Wash Rite brand grow in that way around New Zealand.rather than having all the branches company owned which means a huge amount of admin and office work as well as on tool work.

As i see it we have a great brand, a great reputation and good systems in place and we are the leader in online branding in NZ in this industry.

I would love to hear other peoples opinions on how we should move in the next growth stage and anyone's past experience in growing a business which is growing fast.

Wash Rite NZ

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Growing your pressure wash business

As time goes on and if your doing the hard yards and a few things right your pressure washing and house washing business should be growing day by day and week by week.

Wash Rite has only been operating for 10 months but over that 10 months we have grown 20% month on month and it does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. We have put this growth down to a few factors, firstly a gap in the market in our area due to the incumbent companys getting lazy and complacent and i know by saying that at least of the people i am talking about will call me up and threaten to get there lawyer onto me for calling them lazy... Well harden up you are lazy and getting old and we are the new kid on the block doing the 18hr days and chasing every single lead there is out there and we are forging our name into the market place.

Now we at Wash Rite have reached that point where we are looking for the next level and we see this by putting 3 more trucks on the road in the next year to take it to 8 trucks working daily. We also plan on boosting our sales team by 2 new members to help drive the sales and bring in the work, All this means huge money will be needed to invest but we as owners are happy to do that and more if needed.

The only thing i can see that will hold us back in the long run is if we grow to fast and we dont keep the very high level of customer service than we can leave an opening for another new guy to do what we did but we know this and we always remind our self of this.

So to all the new companys out there the best advise i can give you is give the highest level of service to your clients, back yourself and get out there and do the hard yards as your company wont work unless you do.

Any questions i am happy to answer them

Wash Rite

Friday, 10 June 2016

When your competitors copy you!!! - pressure wash and softwash business

I think we at Wash Rite are by far the leader in social media in our industry in our area and its funny that i start to see a competitor almost word for word post up posts 2 to 3 weeks after i do saying and or offering the exact same thing hahaha.

I take it as a massive complement that they need to follow and copy us as we are the pioneer in it in our area.

The problem for them is that they will NEVER be ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing and they will ALWAYS be playing catch up in the house washing industry in hamilton.

You never know they might have a blog soon as well

Troy Hillard
Wash Rite Hamilton

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Softwash Fad or Fab

Over the years we have seen the rise of a method called softwash. Softwash is a method of cleaning a surface with low pressure application of detergents and clean rinsing water.
Over the past few years i have become a fan of this method of cleaning as long as you use the right equipment. But Soft washing does have it limitations where only pressure washing can be used and comes into its own element.

I have seen some Soft wash company's start up in New Zealand where i am based and these company's are just going out and buying very cheap and nasty weed spraying tanks that have a 12v diaphragm pump built in them and than they just buy a longer hose. As any decent house washing or roof washing company knows that flow is king and these units are flowing 1 gallon per where a decent fat boy pump would do 8 gallons per minute.

These type of softwash company's in New Zealand are a joke in my opinion and they need to invest in the right equipment to do the job right, Its called investing in to the future..

Now if you decide to go down the route of soft washing there are a few things you must do and that is research your chemicals so you know what they can and cant do, The next thing it promote yourself as being different to the next guy and the service you offer is unique in many many ways. As soft washing is the new kid on the block you need to embrace that and promote that.

We at Wash Rite nz have both pressure washing and soft washing equipment setups in everyone of our service vehicles, We firmly believe that we have the Rite tool for the job at all times regardless if its Soft wash or pressure washing.

feel free to check out our website at or our facebook at

Troy Hillard
Wash Rite NZ

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Lead generation is the key

In my business Wash Rite which is an exterior cleaning company that mainly does house washing, moss and mould roof treatments and cleaning and commercial building cleaning, other than providing our services our main effort is put into lead generation, basically getting people to call us and request a quote.
We have a very good conversion rate once we have issued a quote so just getting the people to call is our main goal.

How do we do that ?? Well we have a few methods, some are old techniques and some are new. Firstly the old school ways still work but may not be as successful as once where but still do work. These include newspaper ads, yellow pages, flyers, than there are newer ways such as google adwords, websites, business directory's, proactive field sales reps, home shows, and networking groups.

Before you even start a house washing business you need to build your website, get it lodged to google 3 months before you start trading, this is key so from day 1 that page is working, may not be killing the competition but any website is better than no website. Ours is its basic but easy to move around and find the info you want and need and serves us very well.

The next thing i would do 1 week before starting is everyday all day walk the streets dropping flyers and DONT put them in the letter box, walk up to the door and slide them into the door jam, You hit rate is at least 10 time better than in the letter box. I do that 1 full day per week and it gets me about 10 leads to go and quote so it pays off.

Next thing is sign up your vehicle, its a huge moving billboard.

Next is join a business owner network group and start building relationships and get to know other business owners. We get 1 job a week through business owners we know through networking.

Once your done the basic and have your website start google ads, 90% of leads we get is through our website and google adwords so it works and pays off, and this would work for all business.

I hope these few points help at least one new guy into the industry as these helped me when i starts.

Troy Hillard
Wash Rite NZ

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Roof Cleaning - Wash Rite NZ

Winter is here so its now time to get your roof treated so you kill all the moss and mould before it can explode over the wet winter months.
We at Wash Rite recommend a long lasting treatment on your roof, ours comes with a 12 month guarantee that if the moss and mould returns withing 12 months we will come back out and spray again free of charge.

Now a warning, Who ever you use to spray your roof ask to look and smell the chemicals they use, If you have a long run iron roof and there spray smells like bleach than kick them off your property fast. Bleach is great for killing moss and mould but its highly corrosive and it will rust your roof away very very fast. If you have tile, its ok to use.

Any decent company will left you look and smell there soap mix as they have nothing to hide.

Now once the roof is treated don't expect the roof to be clean within 24 hours, It will take about 2 to 3 days to kill everything on the roof and the moss and mould should turn white or yellow and about 8 weeks later your roof should be clean and moss and mould free.

If your in New Zealand and you need any info or advise on roof treatments than call us on 0800101216 or check our website out  we are hamilton based and are hamiltons premier house wash company.