Friday, 17 February 2017


A common question asked is why should i get a moss & mould roof treatment on my roof? Well the answer is simple, Your house is your biggest investment and the roof covers and protects your house. So by maintaining your roof your roof will not leak, will last much much longer and your house will have a much better street appeal and will not only retain its value but will grow in value.

You may ask yourself why moss, mould, and lichen grows on your roof? Moss, Mould and Lichen will grow on your roof for a couple of main reasons. First your roof is what covers your house from rain so that means your roof is a damp locations alot of the time, Unlike the walls of the house the roof is not vertical so the slop on the roof allows the moss and mould spores to latch on before they are washed away. Something as small as a roofing nail or crack in a tile can be enough for the spores to get caught and start to grow and multiply and soon cover the entire roof.

Some people might ask is there a basic and or cheap way to stop this from happening? The simple answer is NO, you will never stop the moss, mould, and lichen spores from landing on your roof. What you can do is make the environment harder for them to grow and multiply and there is a few simple steps to take to do this.
  1. Trim all tree's and bushes away from the house, Direct and consistent sunlight is a great way to stop the spores from growing, Moss, mould and lichen love damp shaded places and this is why you will see a heavier contamination on the southern side of the roof in the southern hemisphere and the northern side of the roof in the northern hemisphere.
  2. Another simple idea is to keep your gutters cleaned out, if there blocked they will hold and retain water which is all the moisture needed for the spores to grow and multiply so keep them clean and free from blockages.
The best long term way to protect your roof is to get a professional company like Wash Rite to come once a year and apply a moss and mould roof treatment spray over the entire roof. What this will do is kill and the current moss and mould growing on your roof and will leave a residue layer that will keep on killing any new spores that land on the roof for up to 18 months in optimal conditions but yearly treatments is highly recommended. 

As it can take anywhere from 12 to 30 weeks post treatment for all the current moss and mould to die and fall away to leave a nice clean roof you may be in need for a faster option, So speak to your professional roof cleaning company for other options. I do know that Wash Rite does have a full roof clean option which will have your roof nice and clean that same day which is great if your putting your house on the market and are about to get the promotional pictures taken.

We also highly recommend you speak to your insurance company as its starting to become common practice in the past 3 years for insurance company's to deny policy's if your roof is not clean and maintained. The insurance company's are well aware that the roof protects the house and is an integral part of the water proofing system of a house. As you will see in the video below they are cracking down on poorly maintained roofs.                                                                                              
So don't get caught out with a dirty roof and no insurance.
A new roof in New Zealand will cost anywhere from $1500 to $35000 but a moss and mould roof treatment will cost anywhere from $180.00 to $300.00 depending on your roof size and a full roof wash starts from $450 to $650.00 .

Troy Hillard Owner of Wash Rite said call us and we will send one of our reps around to offer a free quote to remove any and all moss and mould or to treat it to stop its return.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017



A question that gets asked often by home owner's is how can i ad to the value of my house? This is an important question as to most people there home is there largest asset so by adding value to it your increasing your net-worth.

Here are a few things you should do to ad thousands or even tens of thousands to your houses value. Washing

First you need to wash the exterior of your home, weather you do it yourself or you hire a professional house washing company either way you must wash your house, As first impressions is key. Most people in the market don't want a list of jobs they have to do after they purchase a new home and they will pay a premium for a house that's clean and tidy and has great street appeal. So washing your siding and the windows would be the first recommendation.

Roof Wash

As your roof is visible from the street frontage this is a key item that must be washed and looking good, As we all know roof repairs are always expensive so having a nice clean roof free from moss, mould, algae and lichen will put prospective home buyers fears to rest. This is one job i highly recommend getting a professional roof washing company in to do due to the safety risks of falling from the roof. An average roof wash will cost you from $350 to $650 depending on the size of the roof and if its multi level or single level.

Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning out your gutters is a simple job that can be done by any home owner with a ladder, No one wants to buy a house with grass and plants growing out of the gutters so by cleaning them out you will not have buyers double guessing the houses condition. And you also run the risk of flooding the house if the gutters back up and over flow back into the roof cavity. 

Driveway Cleaning your driveway will make an instant impression to people interested in buying you house, A nice clean driveway with no mould, or oil stains on it will give a great first impression, This is one job you will have to hire a professional for as they will have the right equipment and the right soaps to clean away all the old oil stains and to brighten the concrete. But it is well worth spending $200 to get the driveway looking like new again.

A local Hamilton real estate agent Cathy O'Shea is a firm believer in a house looking its best before going on the market to ensure the best possible sale price for the vendors, She enlists the services of Wash Rite Hamilton to bring these property's back to the very best prior to listing the property on the market for sale.

Friday, 10 February 2017



If you’re the proud owner of decking and are frustrated at the build up of green algae that seems to keep spoiling its look, help is at hand.  In this article, we want to propose a few ways to help you remove mold off your decking.  The first thing to say about Mold or green algae is that it’s a very common problem on decking and isn’t something to be overly worried about.  The bad news is that there appears to be no way of stopping it happening.  All of that said, there’s no getting away from the fact that mold and algae does spoil the look of your decking at the same time as making it slippery to walk on, so action must be taken to remove it!
No matter which method of cleaning you choose, you need to make sure your deck is clear of all furnishing and pots as well as surface dirt and debris.  The best way to do this is to clear your decking entirely of furnishings and pots and sweep the deck thoroughly with a stiff brush, making sure you get right into the corners where mold and algae have a tendency to build up.
Thereafter, the first option is to buy an algae removing product from your decking supplier or call a professional service like, which has systems designed and developed with the sole purpose of removing mold from your decking.  Available in “green” or “eco” (and some not so green options), essentially what these cleaners do is attack the moss, algae and lichens that cause your decking to look a bit tired.
Many varieties of algae remover come in a concentrated format that you need to dilute, but if you’re unsure of this type of option, it’s best to choose a pre-mixed solution.  Most decking suppliers will be able to recommend an algae removing product that is suited to your particular decking, so do take the opportunity to seek advice if you’re in any doubt.  The way these products normally work is that you apply them to a clean surface and leave them to react with the algae or mold for a specified amount of time.  Thereafter, it’s a case of rinsing the deck, or in some cases, brushing the product away with a stiff brush.
If you prefer a more homemade approach, then you’ll need to arm yourself with a garden hose or power washer (set on a gentle setting), a bucket, a sponge and an oxygen-based bleach and water solution.  If you are worried about the effects of using bleach on your decking, check with either your decking supplier or any reputed supplier beforehand that a bleach-based solution won’t harm your finish.
What you need to do is cover the entire deck area with the bleach solution and leave it for about 15 minutes.  During this time, the solution will start to break up the mold and algae that’s visible and will also be working away to kill off at any traces that have yet to appear.  Once the bleach solution has had the chance to take effect, either power wash the solution away (on a gentle power setting) or simply hose it away.  If you find you have stubborn patches that remain, you can repeat the process and, if necessary, scrub the remaining areas with a stiff brush, all the time being careful not to damage the surface of your deck.
TOP TIP: Be careful, no matter which type of product you use, to thoroughly hose the surrounding area (if planted) with clean water to help protect your plants from any negative effects of the chemicals.
If you find that neither of these approaches does the trick, then the worst-case scenario is that you’ll need to have your deck sanded and re-finished.

Saturday, 4 February 2017



Contrary to popular belief, making a great first impression does not start with a smile and warm welcome when a visitor walks through the door. It begins with the first thing they see—the outside of your property. A well-maintained exterior demonstrates pride in your business. When a customer sees that you made the effort to care for your commercial property, they’ll conclude that you will do as good of a job handling their business. By including commercial property pressure washing in your building’s maintenance program, you’ll ensure that your facility’s appearance communicates the right message.


  • Boost your curb appeal: Even if you don’t intend to sell your property, keeping the exterior in top shape will make it look newer and more appealing. Each time you wash the property, you give it an instant facelift.
  • Moss, mold, algae and mildew removal: Damp, shady areas of a building are the perfect environment for moss, algae, mold and mildew. Washing removes the unsightly growths and helps prevent the damage they cause.
  • Make the environment safer: Oil, moss, mold, mud, bacteria and other contaminants increase the risk of falls throughout your commercial property. Furthermore, employees and customers might track them inside the building, making it appear dirty and reducing the quality of indoor air. When you keep the exterior of your commercial property clean, you reduce the number of potentially toxic safety threats that enter it.
  • Prevent repairs: Bird droppings, mildew, moss, algae, exhaust residue, gum and dirt not only look unattractive, they could also lead to corrosion, rot, or decay. Commercial washing reduces these risks and helps save on future maintenance and repair costs.
  • Remove graffiti: You don’t have to use toxic paint thinners to clean spray paint. In the right hands, a pressure washer is just as effective and safer.
  • Improve employee morale: Employees want to take pride in their place of work. When a building looks clean and well maintained, productivity and customer service improve. When you hire a commercial property pressure washing contractor to do the job, your workers can focus on what they do best.


The frequency in which you should wash your property depends on your operation. If the property primarily has office buildings, washing it seasonally, or once a quarter, is a great way to keep it looking attractive. Facilities that receive more foot or vehicle traffic, or those in which sanitation is vital (i.e., health care offices, restaurants and farms), might need more frequent washing's. The same is also true for properties near construction sites that generate a lot of dust, as well as those that generate dust of their own, such as factories. A Exterior washing specialist can recommend how often you should clean your property based on your operations and needs.


Many municipalities throughout New Zealand have laws that prohibit allowing wastewater from washing to enter storm drains because of the negative impacts to drinking water and local waterway's. To avoid receiving fines, you must collect wastewater and dispose of it properly. Rather than spend money on the equipment necessary to collect wastewater, save it by hiring Wash Rite. Our trained, certified technicians use high-quality, environmentally friendly detergent that decrease and clean surfaces as well as their traditional counterparts do. They also take extra measures to protect landscaping vegetation and use special equipment to capture wastewater, which the specialists dispose of properly, clean or take to a treatment facility.
From factories to multifamily properties to office buildings, Wash Rite provides commercial exterior washing services when it’s most convenient for your workers and customers. Contact us today for a free consultation and learn more about our discount program.