Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Why Its Important To Wash Your House In A Coastal Location.

In New Zealand its part of our history and culture to own a batch on the beach, And there is no more popular place to own a batch than the Coromandel peninsular. One of the big issues house owners face living on the coast is salt spray and mould growing due to the temperate climate which is perfect for growing moss and mould.
As we all know salt spray can cause un-treated metal to rust and or corrode prematurely which can be expensive to fix and or replace. Some timbers mostly softwoods will rot and fail in this environment as well.
Jason Shaw from  Wash Rite based in Thames and covers the whole Coromandel region gets many many calls from home owners wanting to remove the salt and mold from here home to protect the house. A simple Low Pressure House Wash once a year will remove this contaminants and keep the house looking its best. Jason see's on a daily basis what can happen if you do not clean and wash your house which is in a coastal location on a regular basis, " It does not take long for the salt spray to rust everything and anything and the moss and mold causes rot of untreated timber within a few short years".
Below are a few quick things you can do to protect your coast property and stop harmful damage to set in.

  • Wash your house every year or two.
  • Hose down the side of the house that faces the water or prevailing winds monthly.
  • Try and only used stainless steal or galvanized fitting in your house.
  • Keep trees and bushes away from the house, let as much sunlight in as possible.
  • Set up a regular maintenance schedule for your house.

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