Saturday, 27 May 2017


Make Six figures in 12 Months

Do you want to make over $100000 in 12 months and you don't have a degree from a top ranking collage or university??

Its simple follow these basic steps and you will have cash rolling in and have a revenue of at least $100000.

Step 1, Go and buy a decent pressure washer rig, You can get a great second hand one for around $5000 with very little use, 

Step 2, Get a decent website built which you can get done for well under $1000

Step 3 Get 5000 door hangers made and 5000 business cards made up with all your new business details on them and spend every hour the suns up walking the neighborhoods door knocking and offering free quotes and handing out your flyers.

Step 4 When the sun is not up you are at home on Facebook posting ads on the free community pages around your area, as well as ads on free sites such as Craig list, trade me, gum-tree, and many many more, Also list your new business on every single business registry you can find in your country as well as open up a google places account and list your business.

Step 5, By now your been in business for 2 weeks, spend $6000. But your phone is now ring off the hook, You are booking 2 houses washes per day and charging $300 per house wash so now your making $600 per day, Now the hard work starts but ensuring you are doing such a good job for the clients that they refer you to there friends and family and they re book you for next year. 

At this rate you will be making $150000 a year. You may ask why is everyone not doing this? The answer is simple. Not everyone wants to or will walk the streets for 12 hours every day offering free quotes and handing our business cards, not everyone can or will walk 10 miles a day offering free quotes in the wind, rain and or heat. The difference between the people that will do it and make great money and the people that wont is drive is the desire to get ahead in life. The only way to make it and to hustle hard to get every client you can and than hustle even harder to keep that client.

Even today where my business is doing almost 7 figure a year i still walk the streets one day a week offering free quotes, I still pay my sales reps to walk the streets and offer free quote and we will never stop doing this.

For all those hard working people out there that bust there butts for someone else, why not bust your butt for yourself, for your family for your kids?? But i do warn you the journey along the way is not great but the end result sure is.